Day Two Mile Thirty three 

It was a cold night . Sub zero in the desert . The stars were crystal . Only outshone by the massive Pizza I consumed (as promised).

 I woke with the dawn and by neccesity remembered to do some yoga. Stiff as a board springs to mind. I fixed a cup of English breakfast tea that Id ‘half -inched’ from the hotel in Florida (well they shouldnt leave them lying around ,should they?!) . Hey presto ! I was ready for another day on the trail . 

 I took off , fidlling with straps , toggles and belts and reminded myself to keep my camera handy , you never know on the trail when you will need it in a hurry . I’m glad I did ….:



 I literaly turned the corner to witness this sight. Turkey Vultures sunning themselves in the golden dawn light of the Californian sun. I was spell bound and clicked away for a happy half hour .

 I had to make a concerted effort to drag myself away only to come around the next turn to be met by wild rabbits. 


 I was off to a crackin’ start! The trail led me on through purple sage and scrub and some inspiring and unusual rock formations . Yesterdays blisters began to mumble something under there breath,but i was oblivious to their murmmerings… 

I came across alll sorts of new and beautiful flora inamongst watching eagles,eagles and more eagles.Spring colours decorated todays pathway. 

After a long and leisurly lunch spent piercing the growing collection of blisters, and having a catch up with family on the phone (the  marvels of technology ey?!) I straped the pack back on and ate up the last seven miles to  Cibbets Flats campground.


 A merry crew of PCTers were gathered around a. Picknic table swapping storys and making some new ones up. After a supper of tagalateliaagataella pasta in fine butter herbs with a hint of garlic (from a packet) it is all i can do to wrestle into my jimjams and snuggle under my sleeping bag. Tired but supremly satisfied.

Current blister count: 5

Untill tommorow !

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