Day 3 mile 47

Good morning . Day three . 

 The blisters are a bit better on waking up ! Last night the temperature dropped again , but i had me wolly hat on ,so I slept like a log or a dog , or maybe a dog on a log . Im privellaged to have the company of Stella Blue Jays this morning .

 First light!  Up an at ’em ! The trail cant wait. After just half an hour im hiking up into the sunshine and the coldness in my bones begins to thaw. A regular set of faces is emerging on the trail and friendships are easily formed . We pass into forests and enter Clevland National Park.The pine sent is invigorating and miles disolve with the steady rythm of my walking poles . Im in my element here. 

 By early lunch I find myself at a local outfitters who offers free ‘shake downs’ (when a seasoned trail veteran pulls everything out of your pack and tells you what to dump) . They also offer us free cold  beer…well it would be rude not to ! 


Later i walk upto the Blue Jay Diner and revel in the Americana and Tat they have collected over the decades. Frank Sinatra crunes as i order a Cheese burger and fries (not chips!).  

 An hour later and im being entertained by squirels and woodpeckers . Abundance seems to mark every step .


The last five miles  seems to take forever…but just when i feel im running out of insperation i come around a corner to an amazing vista. Its breathtaking and humbling all rolled into one.  A taste of what I will be hiking through tommorow…

  Im circled by  Turkey Vulture , as i munch on pinapple chunks and peanuts and feel a bit blown away by it all…
 My highlight of the day was the biggest Pine cone i have ever seen in my life. About a foot and a half tall ,no word of a lie. It took all my inner reserves not to pick it up and carry it 1000miles so me Mum could stick it on her christmas tree next December..

 Im glowing with not only the desert sun but also with the satisfaction of each completed section . That said , im off to bed , its only 8pm but im too tired to even take off my shoes ! 

Cream crackered!!

Blister count : 6 , (But 8 if you also count the blisters on top of the blisters )

One thought on “Day 3 mile 47

  1. Loving your blog little brother! It looks bloody amazeballs… Wish I was there!!!
    Wish you’d have nicked that pine-cone 😜
    Now then, stop popping your damn blisters or you will get gangrene and have to have your feet amputated.
    Love you xx


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