Day 4 Mile 64

 Another cold night at elevation at Mount Laguna Campground . I got in late from the trail and by the time id eaten i had to jump im my sleeping bag without putting up the tent . 
 In the morning I had a hot shower , its amazing how the little luxurys suddenly become such grand luxurys on the trail . I paid four quaters for four minutes . Im not sure if thats the same price as a gallon of petrol over here , but not far off . 

 I broke camp and hit the road again. I was immediatly greeted by this little Woodpecker , i stood and listened to him clonking away for a   while on the trunk of a pine before remembering I should be making some miles . 

 Today the trail passes into a section that was pioneered by the American Mail service in the 1850s . The postal service used mules to carry mail over such steep and rugged terrain . So the path became affectionatly known as  “The Jackass Trail” . An amazing walk with mighty views out over the arid hills of California . The variety of walking in just four days amazes me . 

 It was mighty hot up there today . A couple of times i had to stop and take my shoes off to let my poor feet recuperate . But Im grateful to say i pushed on , otherwise I may have missed my first encounter with a Horny Lizard . It was a prehistoric experience to say the least . An ancient reptile ancestor of dinasours ..

Not a shy bone in his exoskeleton . He sat happily and posed for portrait pictures for about ten minutes or so before getting bored of me and went to try and catch some flys with his tounge  . 


Oh yes , i do believe in Dragons !!
 I resumed my hike full of enthusiasm for the trail , its good how just a little thing can make such a big moment in a day , and you never know when its going to happen . Darn! Im beging to sound like Forest Gump ! Oh Dang it .. I said Darn too !! 

 Later I hiked down through the sunset into a peaceful valley with a dry creek in it , where several other hikers are camping . A few too many mozzies for my liking , but at least ive got me tent up now ,and a cup of hot chocolate before bed … Mmmmmmmm !! 


 Right then off to see Uncle Ned !
Blister count : 11 ( plus the two on top of other blisters ) so 13 in all . 

3 thoughts on “Day 4 Mile 64

  1. Keep an eye on those blisters! Can’t believe you are still only on day 4 what are the photos going to be like by the time you finish??? XXXX


  2. It is now my habit to read your blog before I go to bed,.. Really putting a smile on my face. More amazing photos today! Well done x


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