Day 6 Mile 101 


 I woke up , got out of bed , I put the comb through my hair (or lack of it ) I found my way downstairs and had a … I was still sleeping !By the time im out of the sleeping bag and on the boulevard a smudge of purple and orange dawn has  appeared . 

I loved Julian … Pure Beauty

 I go see Sophie at Grandmas Inn for a nutmeg coffee and a spinach smoothie. She reminds me the stars realign themselves and ourselves into a good energy feild when we sleep outside .  I smile and see the water in her eyes . Its going to be a bit of a theme today. 


 The buffalo may once have roamed majestic on these planes but today im driving with ‘D’ in his cadillac all clean and airconed .They call vehicles like this TANKS in the UK ,and him not even an ask for driving me twenty five minutes out his way and offering me water . Legend! We see a Cayote crossing the road , im mind blown and its not even daylight yet . 


 I fill up my tanks !! Im off into a field of barrel cactus .. Proof of Timelords no less 🙂 The sun rise is Interstella. Sureal and magnificent.


 I imagine Kirk from the entetprise wresteling a 30 foot Smurf on this alien landscape.  Maybe the desert is inspiring me . I see stark shapes amongst the Cactus.


 The day takes me on into a dry rocky ravine where thirty crows circle and swoop in an ever present celebration of the circle .. Black crows .. Hmm.. I sit under a tree and watch their flight . Im thirsty . 15 more miles and only a litre and a half .Im fine ! 

 In the middle of the days hike some angels have left the PCTers water. Litres and litres of the stuff , im satisfied with the one i take as a spare .It amazing that folks haul all this water out here for us .


After lunch im rewarded . A Bull snake is on the path . She stands her ground , rattles hard, and i have to yeild and give her a wide berth . Im slightly shaken but not stirred . I click a half dozen pictures. Im feeling like the best thing since sliced bread . 

Mum … You may want to look away right now ..

Right now ! 


Ive a bit of video that will prove beyond doubt .. I am Martin flippin Scorsese … Once I have yeilded her path to her she leaves .Beauty like this serpant I have never before witnessed . 


Later still high on adrenalin I hit my first 100miles , I pop a selfie and feel a bit dirty afterwards . 


 Last mile today and I have plenty of water !

 I come into Barrel Spring a makeshift camp of rapscalians and pirates and rouges . All PCTers . All around a fire sharing blister storys telling about the length and stripeyness of the local wiggly wild life, some singing and laughing , talking about tommorows trail and trying to sooth sore muscles . Im home with these people ,under the stars ,as we talk ,we are family .. 


The lovers the dreamers and me  .

Blister count : 12 .. On the way down . 

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