Z day mile 109 

A Z day is a Zero day . Once a week we recuperate, wash socks and try to score a sugar bomb of m’n’m’s laced trail mix . Its a day of phone calls battery charging and checking out other people’s equipment . 

 After my christening as ‘Jukebox’ last night ,* for my trail singing of American classic rock runes . The Carpenters , Creedance , Simon and Garfunkel and the occasional slice of home with The Beatles and some Levellers . Im going to have an ‘easy’ day . A ‘Nero’ ( a near Zero day ) .

 I find my way onto the path and on a short 8mile day to Warner Springs . Its a short walk and I have no battery in the phone or camera so I dont take any shots . 

That is untill i find quite unanounced Eagle Rock . Its a massive feeling of homecoming … 

Granfather Eagle cut into rock by the forces of wind and rain . I feel humbled by natures  message .. I leave Sage and a prayer that Granfather Eagle watches my journey . I wonder what this place must have meant to the First Nations who held the Eagle in such esteem. Later in the PCT makeshift office in Warner Springs ‘The Count’ tells me that the Eagle faces North . So im happy he will be watching my back  as im making my way up the country.

 The rest of today i spent eating eating eating , charging battery’s and soaking my feet in a bucket of hot water . 

 The center is run by volounteers and they provide us free coffe tea and cookies , the use of an electric foot spar and a bowl of hot soup . I pick up an Eagle Rock hiking bandana its in Cub Scout green. ( im made up )

 My socks are washed Im full of food , blisters clean and fully treated ready for the next 100 ..

 Hope you like the compilation    of shots from through the week .. A kind of best of the rest .. 

*Most hikers are known by their trail-names . Names like Stallion, Ninja Tourtouise,Barbie and Grand Central are other examples of a trail name . 

Blister count : 10 (clean and plastered ) 

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