Day 8 Mile  127 

Woke under a tree . 

Last night some of the lads from the PCT family were watching a film . Kept me from my sleep for awhile . It seemed there was an inordinant amount of groaning in it ! It turned out to be Lenard de craprios new one . ‘The Reverand’ . Seems it was about a lot of Bear wresteling , i was left contemplating the sense of their timing ,as we are off into Bear canister forest in a few weeks . Im sure a lot of thought has gone into preping to really shout “grrrrrrrr” at the top of the lungs . I intend to shout “Bugger Off!” As loudly as i ever have and attempt a Billy Connolly accent . I think somehow that would be quiet good fun .

 Well the day starts with coffee at warner springs community center . I hang around charging my phone for an extra hour and putting some  extra plasters on the plasters . We actualy use duct tape over the plasters to totaly reduce friction . Works a treat ! 

 The rains coming down very lightly . A cloudy drizzle . I look out the window and think of Snowdonia . Ha ! This is nothing ! Im going to go and get some cloud juice on me beard . 

  Im walking 18 miles to a PCT hosts place today . Mike Herrera has a place up in the hills on the trail that i want to get to this afternoon. I hear they have a good set up and a cooked breakfast In the morning  ..

 I start in amongst green trees and beautiful flowing brooks .Its nice    walking ,  cool and bright . First rain ive seen in the USA . Ive hiked a few hours when i come across a new friend . Could someone look this up on the internet for me , id love to know what its called . Maybe you could google ‘big , californian , hairy , scary ‘ and see if it appears in the images . 

You all might want to look away now ..

The rest of the hike is in and out of clouds . Sometimes seeing beautiful glimpses of the pink and orange rocks . I have to work hard today to stay focused , my mind keeps wandering and i want to listen to my body . Its giving tell tale signs of wear and tear , and the sooner i spot problems the sooner i can work on finding a positive solution . Its the thigh above the right knee that starts sending out a red light . Im going to have to ease up . 

 I take it easy ,take it  easy , dont let the sound of you own wheels …. Suddenly im out of the pain and being stunned once more by the flowers . Bright clusters of Californian wild flowers catch my eyes and take me back up . 

 Later at Mikes on the back porch with a dozen hairy men , i have the feeling im in a barracks . I smile , i like this band of brothers .. We swap snake storys , i show photographic evidence . Im accepted by the lads . Someone By the   trail name St Nicholas brings me some hot soup and we build a fire in the pot belly on the porch . 


 I will sleep like a log , slightly soggy but all good … 

 Blister count :8 or 9 

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