Day 10 Mile 177 

There are some diversions ahead . 

Wild Fires in California cause all sorts of difficultys for hikers . Even years after a wildfire the land needs to regenerate , so three or four years later we still have to detour through certain parts of the trail . Pursit PCTers will road walk detours and ‘make up’ miles , but im keener to stay on green trails and minus miles from my total later . My thinking is that im not attempting a complete thru-walk so why make things too difficult . 

 Short story is that today i have to negotiate my first detour . Heading  to a town called Idlewild to skip around 20miles of charred forest . 


So ,Its a 12mile walk to the Highway today . Im up at dawn in light drizzle . I breakfast and break camp in less than ten minutes . Im becoming a well oiled hiking machine ! Yes! I hit the trail and warm up as i walk the first couple . I stop every once in awhile to admire the view and chew on dry fruits and nuts . Too wet again to take many photos  but its nice to have a break and just look . Today im in the company of massive Glacial valleys , powers that its difficult to comprehend ,ive never seen it all on such an epic scale . Granduer ! 


The motivation of a proper bed for the first sleep in ten days gives me the   positivity i need to keep one foot in front of the other . By lunch we are at the Highway . We laugh , in the rain , five wet bearded hikers trying to get a hitch . We think we will be lucky to just get one car to stop for one of us .. And then the clouds open , a shaft of light a clap of thunder and a white space cruiser appears ! We and all of our packs are squeezed in , our lift goes twenty something miles out of his way to drop us on the main street of Idelwild . He gets so much gratitude from us all and our  aching feet . He laughs tells us that we “are all mad doing this walk” , we all agree .

Later we book into a fully rugged wooden hunting lodge . Leather sofas , wooden rocking chairs , full length bath , kitchen .. Aaaaaaaaa ! Home for my first true Zero day . 


 At the Lumber Mill Diner  Eating fish and chips i look out on a small alpine town and thank my lucky stars ive been given the chance to share this amazing journey . Tonight i will sip on spiced Canadian whiskey , eat chocolate and sleep under clean white sheets  .Blisssssssss . 

 Blister count : 8 (all soaked in a hot bath) 

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