Day 9 mile 145 

Im woken to dampness and damp . Soggy sleeping bag and almost sub zero socks . 

 A cup of coffee and mapel syrup on me pancakes .. Result! Im sitting in the sun and cleaning blisters again . The lads slowly emerge we play horse shoes and listen to Neil Young on the massive sound system that Mike has set up . Solar panels are charging , kit is drying on the line , a row of rainbow silk on the washing line ..all tents . 

We are hitting the trail . Im hiking with Andrew and ‘Righteous’ identical twins . I tell them I have twins in my family and we fall in straight away . We are in the flow of the trail . Later we bump into KD , KC , Flower , Sunny and St Nicholas . A twelve mile day seems to just roll away . Through cloud , mist and drizzle . Im not cold .. Im a Welshman ! The path is a blur of cactus , flowers and sage . Im entering a deeper rythm with the body and mind . Coming into focus . 

Day finishes sleeping in the desert .. With a couple of friends , too tired to talk and too content to complain . Dinner is a simple affair . 

Blisters count: 8 ( but some of them started as single and joined together to make a big one )

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