Day 11 mile 177 Zero Day 


On the street of Idyllwild
The Canadian spiced Whiskey was followed by spiced Rum . Slept like a log but the early dawns on the trail have reset my internal alarm clock , so i was up at 7am . I made a big breakfast for the lads but felt like i was giving them the jip as it didnt have mushrooms , fried bread and a slice of blackpuddin’ . Still they didnt seem to mind . 

 Im awarding myself a ‘patch’ for every 100miles i complete so some of the afternoon is spent remembering old cub scout skills and stitching on my first award :


100 miles
 I was supposed to be off my feet all day but i did treat myself to a visit to the local ‘outfitters’ which is the term for a hiking shop . I stretched myself to a new back pack and an ultralite ultra warm sleeping bag , i even threw in some socks with individual toes . Ive heard they help with the blisters . 


 The rest of the day was a proper ‘Z’day . Nothing but eating, raucous laughter , singing Rock songs ,more eating and inventing new trail names and a bit more spiced whiskey . 

Brilliant .!The TV wasnt turned on once . 

When it was time to turn in I was absolutely recharged .  

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