Day 12 mile 193

Out on the trail again . Another big breakfast , this time courtesy of ‘Roko’ who did a great fry up . Last minute readjustments and checks and we are off to the trail head . 

 We get a lift from the good folks at the Idyllwild inn. They leave us with warm farewells at a hiking spot called the Devils sadle . Its cold ! We are in the shadow of an 8500ft peak . And we are supposed to be at the top by sunset .. One step at a time . 

 The morning is glorious hiking , in pine scented toilet freshness . The crisp blue skys have huge rolling clouds and as we assend to about 4500ft huge bolder feilds appear in between the grand pines .
 The later part of the day takes us up into the snow line . Its my first experience of transitioning between desert to snow and I wonder how i will do . As it turns out , not to shabby at all . We hike along the Fuller Ridge for the most part of the day , negotiating ice pack and snow . 


 Im enjoying the crystal white light all around me and im in the glorious company of Scott ‘Big Toe’ . We twitter away pretty much all day , stoping for a cup of tea (as is the Great British way ) . I apologise profusly that its not Earl Grey , and Scott actualy gets the joke . We talk about what makes our lives good , and ‘Big Toe’ recounts a story of when he worked in Russia with a hero of mine ‘Patch’ Adams. The first clown doctor ever . Im blown away by his storys and the insights they bring. 

Later we dine high high high in the hills . At 8500ft even the simplest of dinners seems like a Kings feast . We talk of our familys . 

Sunset falls on a grand day . As i call it in and head for my bed , i tell ‘Big Toe’ that i have a kindle and im on chapter 2 of ‘Tom Sawyer’ he smiles and flashes me a copy of what he is reading …’Huckelberry Fin’ .. We laugh our heads off !!

Blister count : 7 ( the toe socks are flippin’ magic) 

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