Day 13 Mile 210

Today i wake up to a poo in my shoe ! 

Its customary to play ‘silly buggers’ on the trail , leaving large rocks in friends backpacks is quite a common practise .. Funny , if it happens to someone else .A Major  inconvenience if it happens to you .  Scott has cleared out early , left me snuggling and snoring in my plush new sleeping bag . It feels like im dreaming in an Andrex advert . So its much to my suprise when i eventualy pull myself out of the sack and into my Crocks , that i discover a slightly warm and squishy stool stowed away there .’Damn you Big Toe ! I shall make a mighty vengance  on your no good hide !!’

 On closer inspection it turns out that Scott has left me a portion of peanut butter in a zip-lock bag , im grateful as this is hiker gold ,the proverbial breakfast of champions ..full of energy for my day ahead . I make a quick coffee , polish off some maple syrup Quaker oats and hit the trail . Im heading to ‘Ziggy and the Bears’ place today . A hiker haven about twenty three miles from here . 

 The first fifteen are down hill .. Bliss ! 

I spend the first half hour of the day happily allowing the chipmunks to entertain me . Its not even worth going for the camera they are like little bundels of raw energy , zipping away before i can press the shutter button. 

 Its fine , its all fine ! The snow on the mountain tops is arresting , startling and contrasts the desert beyond . It takes my mind into new places and only the buzz of the hummingbird breaks me out of my revery. This tiny green bird is know as an ‘Annas Hummingbird’ over here , and it hovers a couple of feet from me ,then continues to pivot and turn through space along every plane . I suppose i shouldnt have been texting my cousin Martin otherwise i would have been able to snap a picture , but in my defence it was an important txt , discussing the next walk after this one (the Cornwall coastal track) . 


 I see a lot of lizards , snakes and salamandas today , so many that o become as near to blazae about snakes as i think possible. When i step over a garter snake asleep on the path I hardly register . Only stopping to turn and click a quick shot for identification with other hikers tonight . 


I hit the 200miles sign today . I am aware that i have to subtract about twenty mile for the detour through Idyllwild to avoid the forest fire . So it wont be long till I sew on my second 100mile patch . 


The Downhill 15mile finishes at a faucet (which is a tap) and i ‘camel up’ replenishing my body. Then another five miles of flat across windswept sands,and finaly under a six lane highway before emerging swet encrusted and tired at Ziggy and the Bears house . A hiker haven where i can wash my socks and sleep on their completely carpeted garden in amongst catching up with other friendly faces like Guss , Ian ,’ADL’ and of course ‘Big Toe’ Scott. Who almost weta himself when i tell him about the morning peanut buttern/poo mix up . 

Blister count :7 

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