Day 14 mile 190

After a small group of hikers spent the most windy night yet at ‘Ziggy and the Bears’ haven , we resulplied and started planning to negotiate another trail diversion. 

Wild fires are a serious problem in California at the moment as is drought. The climate here is also in a state of major change and every lake we have passed over the last 200miles has been deeply depleted.Wild fires last year still make some of the track impassible , and so we are traversing a section today by getting rides to the town of Big Bear. It means we have to cut around about 50miles of the walk , and where purists are strict about making up the miles on side trails , both ‘Big Toe’and I are happy to just keep trekking as we are both only on trail for three months. 

So to be crystal clear ,the two diversions have set us off 80 miles from the actual trail milage . So though today im on mile 270 of the PCT , ive only walked 190 miles of it . 

 We get a lift off of Jackie who has hired a car especialy , the company doesnt have the small car she ordered and so they give her a Dodge Ram with a 5litre Hemi engine .. Travelling in style !

 After speeding through the rustic charm of Big Bear and the beautiful pine ridged mountains ,Jackie drops us off at a Trailhead . We hike a few miles up to join the PCT and get back on the track . This is going to be a much longer section of wilderness . Both ‘Big Toe’ and I are happy to be back in the wild. 

We walk just a couple of hours and pull into a nice little shaded valley , where we plan to camp. The afternoon is spent laughing and singing songs , Big Toe is a musician and plays in a Hayseed Dixie band , covering old Stones,Queen,Kiss and ACDC songs . Its great to have good company and conversation as we eat our hikers food and I make tea . Im aware im missing a Liverpool game , but I know im doing what I love. 

Its another early night out here on the trail they call sunset ‘Hiker midnight’ as everyone is usualy asleep by then . Tonight is no exception . I crawl into my bag and only have enough energy to read a chapter of Tom Sawyer before im nodding .

Tomorow is the start of an 80mile stretch with no real resupply points .  

Blister count :6  . No new ones for two days now . 

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