Day 15 mile 213 

So i can sew another patch on .. No No , its not about the patches its about the journey .. Yeah right!! 

Im going to sew my Stones patch on tonight . Its been a rocky road getting here , and the patch also has a Union Jack on it ,so i will be flying the flag too. 

Today has been another amazing walk through beautiful landscape. Blimmin cold in the morning though!! We woke at the crack of sparrows fart . Dug our ‘cat holes’ did our buisness (does a bear poo in the woods? ..This poo bear does!) and got out of dodge. The wind was frigid and the sun just rising so it took a while to get warmed up into the day , early lunch we stopped for Earl Grey and a biscuit (Im attempting to culture Big Toe) in the company of Stella Jays . 

Later we hiked into Rocky ravines and soon picked up our pace. The skys were blue all day and we only saw one other hiker on the trails all day . 



By late afternoon we were running parralel to a stream and soon had to cross and recross it .It was brilliant to be close to water after all the desert miles and when we eventually came to a stop at a campsite under some old Oaks we were glad to see a swimming hole near by. We took little time to go for a swim and my hiking pants got there first wash in two weeks on the trail. 

 Later i catch up on the blog, sew my Stones patch on my clean pants and then we cook a curry with noodles before hitting the sack . Its only seven oclock . Sleep of the blessed . 

Tomorow we will be hiking another twenty miles and the trail will be taking us past a hot springs. Hoping to get a wash behind my ears when i get there !

Blister count : 6 

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