Day 16 mile 233


Last nights camp out was astounding. Stars I havent ever seen came out and shone . The big dipper sat over head and the moon conspired to dazzle aswell. It was no  wonder i woke up well rested and satisfied , full of good dreams and ready for the day ahead . 

But first breakfast ,a cup of coffee and a packet of Quaker oats with cinnamon in the same cup ! Breakfast of champions no less . 

 We are aiming to get to the Deep creek hot springs today , an Oasis on the trail . Hot water pools and cold water swimming . Its 15miles up trail so we set off at a fair pace . Not too long into the trek we come across the Twins : Andrew and ‘Righteous’ ,with them is an Englishman ,Andrew , we fall into an easy rhythm together , hiking a quick ten miles before lunch . 


Big Toe and I providing the entertainment (singing Hot Chocolate numbers today !) and swapping storys of other hikers and trail magic that weve come across since we last met . Andrew tells us they were driven 100miles by their Trail Angel to start this section. Im impressed by the consistancy of these acts of kindness by everyday people . 

 Big Toe and I are soon ahead of the others and make our way across Hawkes Peak and Splinters cabin trail stopping only for a bite of Buffalo Jerky(my first time) and taking a few photos of the local wild life and fauna . 

This is a lovely moment I had photographing the Coast Horned Toad . A bar of chocolate to anyone who can tell me something cool about it !

Further down the path we watched Turkey Vultures thermaling below us in the canyon . A truly thrilling sight . Later as we stopped and ate they flew a few meters over our heads . 

By lunch we were at the Deep creek hot springs . Wish someone had told us that clothing is ‘optional’ . Well, “When in Rome”, so they say . All I can say is that it was the most unlike the Rhyl Sun Center that it has ever been . Big Toe managed to get cold beer in the Hot Tub with two naked women. I had an old hippy come and talk to me about God . Hmmm, some you win !!

I think this is a Stella Jay , but it looks a little diffrent , anyone tell me what it is ??

We did another five miles after our dunk in the pools . It was the hard yakka of the day , and yet we knew dinner and sleep awaited . Amazing to take the last corner and see the mighty Mojave Damn . A colosal over consumptive building project , as its always empty ! 

Now im sitting amongst Willow trees down by a babbeling stream. Ive had a cup of Earl Grey and a nice hot dinner . So i cant complain. The owls have started hooting ,now that the sun is setting and so im ready for me bed . Time to draw the sleeping bag drawstrings on another brilliant day . 

Hope to do another fifteen tommorow .
Blister count : 3

2 thoughts on “Day 16 mile 233

  1. Fab photos yet again, what a wonderful adventure your having, did you get a photo of the vultures flying below you?. X


    • Im getting your comments and loving the feedback ! We were too much in the moment to get the camera .. ! 🙂


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