Day 17 mile 249

The day begins at six , packing camp , making breakfast and listening to the sounds of nature . Big Toe didnt sleep too well last night , but is still keen to help me with a splinter extraction . I got one in the pad of my foot yesterday when we negotiated a river crossing . Doctor Big Toe examined the foot and declared the patient to be a ‘lilly liver’ . So chastend I begin my day . 


 We are walking parralel to the Mojave Damn today . Some fifteen miles to the Cleghorn picnic are at the side of Silverwood lake . We begin through brush and sage and watch a large Heron take flight from the Damns spillway. 

Me and Big Toe are watching out for one another , our modus operandus is ‘take it easy’ . We sing our way through the morning , covering ; The Hollies , Dion Warwick , Jerry Jeff Walker and of course The Beatles (to name just a few) . We watch vultures circle and I photograph the blooms . Beautiful red flowers known here as ‘Indian paint brushes’ . 

 Later i get to photograph a beautiful butterfly who sticks around with us for a while . 


 We make our way on , im singing to myself and in a little bubble when I hear the rattle . Suddenly im airborn , jumping literaly a few feet straight up and over . The big black is rattling straight at me . This is a very definate Zen moment ! Im breathing hard and calling back to Big Toe “Snake on the path! Its a rattler! ” Big Toe ambles up super relaxed , takes a quick look and freezes . “Woo Brownie ,he’s a big un !” . Im already shooting with the Cannon. I get a bit of video and a couple of photos that im happy with . 


We push onwards and upwards as the trail waits for no man . Soon we are down by the highway and having to cross an industrial area so we stop and act the goat for a while getting a photo for todays blog . 


We come across more trail magic this afternoon , a lovely couple called Team Turtle left an icebox full of fruit and water behind a tree on the trail .It helped us over the last four miles , over the hill and down to the lakeside picnic area . I manage to photograph another Horned lizard , a beautiful California poppy and some Wild Lilac ,before putting down the backpack on another glorious adventure . 



Later at lakeside I approach a family and ask  if i can buy a drink from them as the snack bar is closed . They give me three large steaks and a couple of cakes . Big Toe enters into raptures when I bring them to our picnic table , “Its the English accent!” He exclaims . I feel ever so much like Oliver and the Dodger . We laugh , but not so much that we forget to stuff ourselves with Steak n Cake ! 
Blister count : 3 (splinters dont count then?)

2 thoughts on “Day 17 mile 249

  1. Hmm, I’m not sure Dr. Big Toe’s medical license is on the up and up, but he does look like he knows what he’s doing, doesn’t he? I’m really enjoying your words and pictures, thanks for sharing a slice of the trail!


  2. The colours of the plants are amazing looks as if someone got down to them with a paint brush! The rattle snakes are a bit of a worry, I’m happy that you are not on your own. Looking forward to your tomorrows adventure X


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