Day 18 mile 267

Later in this story Big Toe will leave the trail and book into an Econno Inn!

 Im awake at 6am , the last stars are packing up their kit bags and singing on their way West . The bird song replaces them . Big toe and I breakfast on coffee,cacau beans , oats and granola. Its great to talk through the days plan with someone . We agree to head out towards Cajoun pass . There is a semi mythical McDonalds resturaunt there , that is said to test the will of staunch hikers who dont usually indulge in a big Mc . Im up for this challenge . McDs gave me a red card over a decade ago and I still havent found it in my self to forgive and move on , infact , Ive lectured to hundreds of school kids on the rubbish they put in their burgers and milkshakes and I dont intend to shake hands with Ronald McDonald today . 

 So we are off the 14 miles to Cajoun Pass and the great Mcds in the sky . The pack is lighter today , im only a day from resupplying food , so naturally the pack gets lighter as I eat through my supplys . The walking is easy , we bounce into Guss from Main and then one of the twins Andrew , he tells us he has been trail named ‘Clinic’ as he saved a dogs life on the trail yesterday by feeding and watering it . He is a vets nurse and was able to give a full lesson in pet care to the grateful owner . We are in solid company , breezing our first 8miles in a couple of hours . Stopping in the shade of the trees and swapping storys and talk life takes on a whole bright hue. These are solid people and I love the easy way we connect and grew together . Trail problems of kit or mileage , food or direction all get quick fixes here . We watch a couple of Magpies play before we take back the trail . The second part of the morning becomes more of a challenge . 

 The heat and the downhill slope caus a problem for Big Toe and he begins to slow up . It gives me a chance to reach for my camera a couple of times . 

Im absoloutly loving the little lizards , they seem to send me back to being a snotty nosed kid who believes in Dragons . Each one is like a minature minatour , a mythalogical monster a wild throwback to the plesteosorarse days , when Tryanosarus and Teradactilse had the pecking order on the top of the food chain .I just dont seem to be able to spend enough time in their company , i photographed this little fella for five minutes and he didnt bat an eye . 

Another mile and there it is , a PCT sign that points towards McDs !


 I make my way straight to the mini mart next door , in the petrol station . Clinic is sat under a shady tree outside on lush green grass . Its so good i fall down right next to him and only get up to get a Hot dog and a cold drink. Three hot dogs later the ‘hiker hunger is still not satisfied and i have to suppliment with chocolate. I fill up on water and try and charge the phone , but Ive found iphones have ‘issues’ with solar chargers .True for mine !

‘Wildfire’ and another lady breeze in , as does Guss and Big Toe . Guss is in the process of a ‘food coma’ induced by twenty nuggets a big mac fries and a large soda , he is sleeping it off . Meanwhile Austen and ‘Righteous’ come through . We are sitting on a corner shooting the breeze . A biker called Tom comes and sits with us , he is dazzled by all of us , its becoming quite common place to see the reactions of the general public . A range inbetween amazment and diasbelief taking in righteous respect and deep puzzlement . One things for sure this journey challenges people who arent on it . It seems to shout out . “Hey! You can do it to !” . It certainly does to Tom , the slight tinge of insperation is in his eyes , he has seen something very very cool . We hikers love that moment , when a none hiker sees its just a metaphore for any pathway that they are on .  

I have to walk off these bloody hot dogs , maybe i shouldnt have put so much sauce on , but most of all maybe i shouldnt have eaten three and the snickers, and the blue ribbon beers probably didnt help … Ohh well,  i know the cure .. Im back on the trail . Under overpases and locomotive tracks.  

Another 4miles this evening and we will be within shouting distance of Wrightwood where we can get a  Nero day and a good shower . So the last four miles of hotdog fuelled hiking took me , Guss and ‘Wing it!’ To a stoney river bed campground full of cacti and croaking , midges and crisp air . 

The moon is shining down right now for me as it is for you. Wherever you are , you are on the trail with me . I feel you in my heart each day and I know somehow I am in yours . 

I can hear the yelping cry of a cayote mother calling to her cubs and the distant hoot of the trains echoing in the canyons . The lights of San Bernedino glow in the distant distance …if they only knew what they were missing out on here .

Sending love to each one of you ..x

“Night Jonboy!”

“Night Granma!”

 Blister count :3

Adendium : Big Toe says he ‘hurt’ his knee !! So he booked into an Econno Inn. I told hime in me best Billy Conoly voice to “Git the sand ut hees ‘gina and get back t the trail !” I hope he is enjoying his swanky hotel room but i woudne swap him right now . I do miss his singing though! 

4 thoughts on “Day 18 mile 267

  1. Hope you have a good nights rest, you are definitely in my heart and prayers, and hoping big toes knee is better soon and will be joining you again on the trial. It seems that every day you pictures and comment bring a tear to my eye. Stay safe my son X


  2. Carolyne—- ya done well by your boy–be proud of yourselves as well !!! Now who do we blame for him being “a right nutter ” (wink wink) — all the best Big Toe !!


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