Day 19 mile 283

The sun rises on another trail day . Last night the cayotes let loose their howls to the moon . It was a moving moment to awake to the moon and the call of the wild . 

Today im heading to Wrightwood .’Wing-it!’,Guss and I spent the night sleeping in a dry river bed , today we are going to walk a formidable crest. We have to climb 8000 feet over 15miles or so . Breakfast is a cup of Irish tea ,and we are off . Its first light and Im hoping to avoid the hardest rays of the sun today . Out here next to the Mojave desert its plus 90 by lunchtime , and I dont want to be hiking in that thankyou kindly !

I make good progress over the first 8miles , but its a never ending rise . After a few hours I decide to imagine im in an Esher painting. You know the one that they are all walking up a stair case that never ends . It seems easier that way . I try to think about not thinking about thinking works for a while . 

The scenery is amazing , every spur on the path offers beautiful panoramas , and each saddle i cross opens up to new horizons . The snow capped mountains and the pine trees offer cool relief from the heat I know is just a mile below me . 


Its so much easier on my feet today , I feel like im honed down and tuned up . I can crank out miles and slip through time . Its like ive become tuned to the trail . I stop momentarily beneath a great pine for some trail mix and a mouthful of water . I can feel the breath of the mountain . It comes in waves , fresh with the scent of pine .Im so glad to have this peace today . I feel like its all mine , everything I see and everything I feel . The lizards skit , and im walking again. 

I hit Acorn Trail at about 15 miles , its a 3 mile walk to town from up here , but I have to resupply . The next resuplly will be six days away , so I take the steep slope downwards into a beautiful ski-resort town that is full of log cabins and chalets . 

Wing-it! Has made it down before me . His real name is Ian and he is also a Liverpool FC fan . He and I have hit it off easy and we share a beer on his cabin porch he has rented for his big Zday tommorow . 

I check out the local convenience store . They offer free hotdogs to PCTers .. I chat to the owner . He interviews me for his PCT blog and takes my photo outside his store . He proudly shows me a picture of David Beckahm who came through here yesterday to fill up his motorbike . I smile and think of footy .

Tonight me and Wing-it are planning on a Mexican feed and a 5cent margarita night at the resturaunt around the corner . 

Ive washed behind me ears , brushed me teeth and had me laundry done . Now to watch the Liverpool highlights on me phone . 
Blister count : 3 

2 thoughts on “Day 19 mile 283

  1. So lovely to get up to your blog,it starts my day off well, I am off to my first Pilates class this morning👯 when are you having your next rest day? Photos are great. Enjoy the footie and I will be waiting for your next chapter X


  2. I didn’t know I could leave comments on your blog!! I’m glad your feet have survived I think they’ll be alright for the next 717 miles. Take care XX


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