Day 20 Zday

I woke up ,gotta outa bed a put a comb across my head …made my way outside and had a smoke ,somebody spoke and i went into a dream …

Next thing i knew , I was in the Evergreen dinner talking to my friend Edwina Hayes . There was a sign about coffee and I knew that it would speak to her , she used it for her album cover ‘Good things happen over coffee’ . 
The eggs where perfect in the dinner . I talked to ‘So far’ and ‘So good’ they are from Newcastle in the UK and they know far more about the PCT than yours truly .  They talked about the hard path on  and the possibiltys to skip some miles .

We talk of plans and routes , Im not sure about directions , as there is some weather coming in , and some ice up in the hills . I want to do the next section as the mountain has some symbolic significance to me . 

Later  Big Toe re-emerges and we hug ! Excellent , I have my trail buddy back . He hitch-hiked from the Cahojn pass and is ready and raring to go . Its so good to be reunited . Lets get singing !!

We book into a lovely chalet and agree on a Zero here, before a big walk to Agua Dulcae that is six days off . I spend the rest of the day shopping and watching the footy . Its not all about walking alone . We are planning a feast and a big sleep. 

Liverpool beat Everton 4-0 and ‘wing-it’ and I are in bliss . We have a few beers and some chicken    wings and I know that I will sleep like  a log tonight . Thankyou Mr Klopp. 

 Sakho on his noggin!! 
The only flowers i see all day are outside the hardware store and i click photos on the phone , just to record my procsimity to the fabled route 66 .


 get your licks
The local Harley population is massive . Hope we get a lift back to the trail on the back of one tommorow morning !!

Blister count : 3   

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