Day 22 mile 320 

wind blasted cyprus tree over 1500years old

No bears in the night ! 

Woken up by the early birds heading off onto the trail . We werent far behind . The first few miles fell away as we came down the mountain to meet Highway 2 . We regrouped there and decided our best course of action . We took the Highway diversion around the endangered species zone . Stopping for a break about halfway at a picnic spot . It was nice to relax and watch the world go bu for a while .

A little later Big Toe , Wing-it and I are down at the Buckhorn camp site . Its full of huge grey squirrels and beautiful Redwood trees . The forest is begining to change , it has more ‘manna’ more power , and a deeper presence . 

I enjoy the river crossings here , everything seems so much more alive . I think of writing poems and how the nature here will affect my work . I imagine that im being inspired on a level ive not yet explored . 

After lunch Wing-it and I walk the trail towards Camp Glenwood , an old boy scout camp where we plan to stop for the night. The trail is easy with no snow , but as ever the last miles seem to take for ever . 


At last we come around the last corner , and Big Toe is already there . The wind is high , there is no water and so we decide to Cowboy camp on the covered porch of the scout hut . We cook our dinners and swap jokes whilst the wind dies down . Suddenly someone appears on the path . A new face , he introduces himself as ‘Adventure Chicken’ after a brief chat he decides to hike on . He leaves us with news about the trail further on .

 Beyond Kennedy Meadows are the High Sierras , a mountain range that is said to be the jewel in the crown of the PCT . At the moment they are snow packed , which means that they are pretty much impassible . I begin to wonder about a lengthy trail diversion . So that I can rejoin the trail after the worst of the snows . 

We talk more about the trail ahead of us ..Above us on the porch are a huge pair of Elk Antlers . I wonder if I will see one on my journey .

 big toe bonding with his pack 
Time to hit the hay .. Off to Sulpher Springs at first light..need a good rest before then . 

Another satisfying day on the trail . 

Blister count :2

2 thoughts on “Day 22 mile 320 

  1. Good to see your blog today, I was having withdrawal symptoms. So looking forward to seeing all your photos when you get home. Take care and watch out for those yogi’s. X


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