Day 23 mile 347


views over the valley
Got up early . It was quite cold on the porch , so i head out alone whispering a goodmorning to Wing-it and Big Toe as i hit the trail. Well, not so much as ‘hit’ ,as ‘limp’ onto the trail. Its a part of the paths ritual to slowly warm up the muscles each morning . It takes time , taking it easy . 

 I walk with wide open eyes , im keeping a hopeful line open to see a bear this morning . I go quiet . I hear in the back of my mind ‘When you look ,You might not find what your looking for , but you will always find something’. Moments later early morning beauty visits me , a wild deer bounces up , startled , she is pure power , all four feet spring upwards and she bounds . Im stood transfixed by the moment . I know this is something I treasure , something reasuring, something true . I return to myself and catch a breath , still cold I take the next step , already the day owes me nothing .

Im still replaying the scene in my minds eye when a sudden burst of movement takes my eye , and now the scene is repeated . Im at the top of a glade and below me in the lush green grass and pines another Deer takes flight . I cant really believe what im seeing . Her nut brown flanks and white bob tail are just boundful of energy . Her sister rises at her side , startled by the sudden flight . I watch wide eyed and childhood innocent in the Cathedral of trees . Soft watery green light floods in through the pine branches . I hold my breath . This moment is ours . This moment is all I live for , to love nature unhindered . 

Later at Sulphar Springs im filtering my water and I look down . A fresh cayote paw print beneath me . I dont go for the camera . I put my fingers down and run them across the earth . I count the claws , I commit the colour of the soil to memory . I see how cayote bent to drink here, how he came soft at night, how he aproached warily and slowly drank . The full silver moon casting shadows on the mirrored water . I feel his grey pelt , his wildness runs through me . 
I make my lunch with the lads at the Firestation . We have hopsctotched each other most of the day . Wing it welcomes me in and i tell him of my morning . He smiles , he just knows . 

Later i make a great afternoon . Miles fall away and I catch the setting sun hitting the great redwoods . I walk with my ancestors tonight , as the sunset casts orange and purples across the horizon . 
I sleep right there ..

Right there ..

I watch a satellite jet streaming above , through the inky night sky . 

These are your stars , they shine above you , they shine for all of us . 

Blister count : 2

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