Day 24 mile 364 


Yesterday was a big one for me . Not every day is going to be like that ( I tell myself ) . ‘Don’t have expectations and I wont be disappointed’ is a useful mind candy . Today i awake on the path , literaly. Ive slid down the mattress , so the first thing I see is another hiker (ninja Tourtouise) bearing down on me at about 3miles per hour . “Mornin'” , “Mornin!” . He is off and i get on with making my oats .  


The sun slowly warms me as i walk . Its good to have the pathway to myself again this morning . Im happy to just tread the miles today , Im heading for a Hiker Heaven at the Soflies in Agua Dulche . I stop frequently to eat and take photos . 

squirrels are ACE


I know Wing it is ahead of me and Big toe is behind , it could be minutes or hours , but it really doesn’t matter . Just good to know they are there . 


As I reach the Ranger station half way through the day we regroup . All together we look at a weather report as the clouds are rolling in . They are thick, fast and grey , not a great combo by any means . We bounce the lunch down fast and get out of dodge . We’re sitting high here and its a 6000ft drop down trail to the next stop . We slip away onto the path .. One at a time . Enjoying the cool breeze that picks up to about 20miles an hour , bring light splashes of sweet relieving rain . Nothing like a bit of desert rain . 


We hit the trail head ‘Indian rocks canyon’ and we are deciding on our next step . We think about hitching . I day dream that ‘D’ will cruise up in his white ‘Cadillac’ and get us off this stickyblackhot tarmac . Moments later D does pull in . Like a trail angel in shinning armour , with a cool smile he offers us a cool bannana from his ice box , or a cold californian orange . We dont know wether to laugh out aloud .


chocolate bar for the name of this one ?

Later in the mexican resturaunt where Big Toe is busy buying me beer and a taco , i chuckle to myself . The ‘Dodgers’ are playing a ‘Ball game’ and i still cant believe Im in America . The landscape outside is the home film set to numerous tv shows and movies . Sets like Roy Rodgers, Austin Powers , Sinbad  and Bonanza where thrown up here amongst the amazing rocks . 

Much later at the Hiker Heaven ,  the goodness of our trail angel hosts , i find myself surounded by open ears at the fire side . Someone has put hay bails around a stone fire pit . We have sung Eagles songs acompanied by ukuleles   and guitars . We jam out a brilliant version of ‘Major Tom’ by the late , great Bowie, then a Prince number , finaly Wing-it suggests a bit of Lemmy too !! A bit of ‘Ace of Spades ‘ flows on . 

Song turns to story ,and I jam storys to the gathered collection of hikers , a version of ‘The Green Knight’ and they love it . The fire side , the cold beer and a drop of rum help the feet , the muscles and the laughter . We talk late late into the night .. (About 8:30pm !) 

Blister count : Closed until further notice . 

6 thoughts on “Day 24 mile 364 

  1. I’m enjoying following your trip, Jukebox. Others from the Wrightwood Market may be also as we shared this blog on our Facebook page along with your photo and some info. I laughed at your photo of you at the Yodeler with the Liverpool game on, I never mentioned it, but regretted that later when it occurred to me that you footy fans would appreciate watching a game, yet you sniffed it out anyway, as unpredictable as finding soccer in Wrightwood is. 🙂
    Best of luck – may your blister count remain closed.


  2. Love reading your adventures, better than Tom Sawyer. Glad to hear the blister account is closed. Hazel and Mike

    Sent from my iPad



      • I have had amazing times with my new mate Ian . We had the most amazing walk yestetday , i joked that i am his official cameraman .. Hope you like the results . Will be posting them soon . All the best .


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