Day 25 Zero day . 

I found the Andersons Hiker Heaven is a transdimensional vortex and requires a sonic screwdriver to exit . Had I known that i would not be here now . 

the sophlies hiker heaven

Big Toe may have to leave the trail . This is serious ! I was sad talking to him even about the possibility of potentialy maybe not hiking on together . We are good friends now I tell him honestly it wouldn’t be the same without him . 
Fingers crossed . 

Big Toe is back from the quacks , and he has meds. But bestest of all he has a smile , his swagger is back , and he smiles when i tell him he has lost a bit of wheigt . 

Im going to see him again ‘firther on up the roooaaad … Further ooon up the roooaaaoood ‘! 

Im full of gratitude .. I will kick on to the ‘Andersons Hiker Heaven’ tommorow .A twenty mile jaunt i will try tommorow . 

I get the good fortune to catch up with Sofar-Sogood and Wildfire . I make some new friends in the trailer kitchen and meet ‘Not guilty’ and ‘Dont axe!’, the latter being a Southbounder who was a great laugh !! 

New friends are met but some connections still grow deeper . I tell Wing it and Guss id like to do the Sierras with them . We are becoming ‘Solid’ and that feels like gold . 

The Sierra High pass is a story often discussed over the fire or in a circle after food . We are looking at the snow pack , how many people have done the section already, what equipment is best and where are the turn offs . I am growing with the answers . The pathway is illuminating.. It wants to be walked . 

Making friends on the pathway is an imense blessing . 

We learn much of ourselves when we observe our behavious when we are seperated momentarily or extendedly from these friends .
Zday is something when nothing happens not even a blister count ! 

a bit crackly and flaky but otherwise good


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