KDay 26 mile 387

California meadows


Do you ever get ‘perfect mornings’? One of those days that starts so well that you hum all through the day ? 

 Well , I got one of them today . 

so good and so far

 Got signed into the guest book as I left with Guss and Sofar-Sogood . Waterboy took us all to the trail head and Olaf joined us later . It was a hike that began under the frizzle of huge electric pylons , but wove us up through golden prairys and cabbage whites to black oak and hummingbirds. 

We stop at Bear spring and Guss plonks himself down in the grass , to find out that nettles can even penetrate the hardiest of mountain mans pants … Doooh! To be fair he didnt cry and i suppose thats why i didnt laugh too much . But it was worth a photo , so here is one of Guss before his rub with wrath of the nettle . 

Im rambling on the pathway today . The company of the trees is haunting , deeply contemplative when contrasted with the harsh presence of the desert. Green corridors open and allow me moments alone with ‘lady bugs’ and fungi . 

top of a thistle

 I want to stay with the ‘lady bird’ for another while or so , so I take the same photo five times . Im blissed by the symetry of her colours and her form . I actualy thank her aloud as im leaving . Im talking to nature, and im hearing her reply . 

Happy to be hearing her reply. 

I get on my knee to take a picture , I imagine that im here in prayer. It all is a prayer . Im grateful again !! Damn i think ‘I should go and climb a tree’ I think i will try and get Guss and Wing-it to scale one withe me . 

 Sage is on the pathway , i record a song with the iphone , it flows inspired by the moment , my breath , my heartbeat , the click of the sticks , the bird song , then my voice .. Im singing without rules or without interuption .. I have melodys new and the lyrics drip out unhindered . 

I find the day and miles slip away under stronger feet and stronger balance . Ive become tougher ,leaner,calmer . I only register snakes now , as i pass them and move on unphased 

 The afternoon Im sitting on ‘Bobs bench’ and Wildfire drops in . We talk about nature. I love seeing PCT sisters . Focused and grounded women. Inspiring .

I dont want the day to end . Its been perfect walking . We sit outside the Andersons place , all in  Hawaian shirts and snuggly on couches , with live guitars and singing . 

hey you ! get offa my cloud !

Later i tell a story : ‘My life in dog years’ . The crew of friends on the path love it . I go to sleep on a glow .. 

Once upon a time .. 

A long long time ago .. 

See you tommorow .  

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