Day 28 mile 431 

On a day that ends with me in the back of a ‘black and white’ 

 I woke a few times in the night .Wrestling  down the tent flaps . Winds i havent experienced since the night at Ziggy and the Bears . So i enjoy the ‘lull’ early morning . The moon is still up and the sun not yet putting in a full appearance . So the sky is a dark dark blue , with the promise of orange at the edges . I smile as i stir my porridge . Im looking forward to today . It looks like a straight forward hike to Tehachapi . I dont think i will make it all the way today as its thirty plus miles , but there is a nice campsite close to the highway and so i plan to hitchhike in tommorow morning and resupply . Its the last big town for at least a couple of hundred miles , so this is an important hiker hub . 

me and some turbines
Ive been watching the Windfarm and generators  get closer and closer , and by second breakfast time im in the heart of them . They ‘whoop,whoop’ and are pretty spectacular in an alien scfi kind of way , but only for so long . The other downside about hiking through a windfarm is , well , the wind .. Blimmin ‘ek .. The WIND . I walked at about 45degrees most of the morning , consoling myself that at least i was exercising some new muscle groups . 

a lone turbine
 At lunch i dropped down to a spring in a gorge , where it was blissfully windless , and there was Guss , he’d headed off early yesterday , so it was a nice suprise to have company and a catch up , fill up our water and have a cup of tea (im trying to culture the natives) !
Later , more wind farm ,more wind turbines and more wind . Much much more wind . I get my Hilaryscottcousteau head on and push ever onwards , ever upwards , towards the looming summits .

look carefuly you will see the turbines
It does feel like an achievement facing such resistance on a pathway . The day to day winds that hamper and hinder . Winds of distraction , winds of confusion , winds of change . How do i deal with the winds on my pathway ? Often the distractions seem to engulf me , advertisments , telemarketing, too much choice in the supermarket .. It all chips away at my defences . It all trys to take away my precious time . How can we walk through these winds and remain entirely ourselves ? 

more wind turbines
 The windturbines are earning their money today ‘whooop whhup whup!’
 I realised a long time ago that the wind is never going to stop in my life.It is a constant of nature. I know that I can be its ‘victim’ or just accept it and ‘get on with it’ . I like the way that the wind has left my face nowerdays , carved with its character . 

turbines and a tree

I motor on , enjoying brief moments of the wind being behind me and having the distinct sensation that im flying .. So , even wind has its upsides. 

looking all mad max
Later having cracked out a plus thirty mile day im standing on the side of the highway with my thumb in the breeze . I get picked up and ride in the back of the truck with the backpacks . Im elated to think i will soon be in a town and eating Pizza and washing it down with some amber nectar . 

So im a bit disconbobulated to find my creditcard getting bounced .. Not once , but thrice ….  Ahhahahahrghghghhhhhh ! To say the least . 

But get this , get this ! The lady in the chevron garage phones the local officer , who comes straight over and gives men a coupon to use at the local motel . Ive been kindly put up care of the Sally Army tonight . OK im not exactly a vagrant or a stranded motorist , but I am grade A ‘Hiker-trash’ and so that must count here . 

 Officer Bruce gives me a ride to the Motel Santa Fe in the back of his squad car . Im totaly and deeply in childhood fantasy land . I am both Starsky and Hutch and Chips and Kojak all at once . Officer Bruce apologises that the seats in the back aernt comfortable .. Yeah yeah its not a Damler .. Its BETTER !! 

Tonight with a can of donated beer and a bag of crisps . I sew on patch four .. Im so tired i have a bit of a wobble and realise im dehydrated . Time to get into Uncle Ned . 

Did i mention the wind turbines .. 

One thought on “Day 28 mile 431 

  1. Wow Ian 2 blogs in one day ! I’m in 7th heaven, ” what was that about the wind” I’m loving it all the landscape even with the white monsters is amazing, take good care of yourself my son, glad you are with company. I envy your ride in the police car, must have been magic I can see your face grin from ear to ear! 🚓🚓🚓 xxx


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