Day 29 Day 30 Zdayz

pretty self explanitory

 I dropped into a local greasy spoon for breakfast . Nice to try ‘Buscuits and Gravy’ . I can see from my breakfast counter that this is a slice of Americana .Real eveyday folks eat breakfast here and drink coffee brought around by the waitress.  The pie shops , the quilting shop , the old railroad station , the Motel Santa Fe all jostle the main street to catch the eye . 

the local greasy spoon


Im weary , bone tired , from the windburn i got across my cheeks yesterday . While i was contemplating the wind the wind was contemplating me . I feel like a limp balloon . Bobo smiles .

The birds were still singing in the nest on the roof . It sounded like six chicks and their parents sing all day out in the lot. So my motel room though rented by an indian feller who told me he lived in Walsall ,UK for twenty years , and who vaguely reminds me of Del Boy Trotter without the nice connotation , does have some merits . The shower is hot and the bed is firm . 

my little motel and bird nest
The town of Tehapachi is in a word a typical American town . 

Gus came in this morning . We are in the Bakery eating , eating , eating and talking about food parcels to send and the length of our next hikes . Looks like a day of shopping and eating to stock up for Kennedy Meadows . 

 The trip to the supermatket is just a trip. 

 A huge women walks past me as i fail to allow her into the line and said “as if i dont exist he just walks infront of me ” i look for her at the check out to apologise , but it had already disapeared into her giant slurpy cup . All sugar and strip lights . I feel nausea . 

 I walk to KMart in a vacant backlot of prairy grass , its like the back of BnQ but with blue skys and golden grass . A big hairy cat eyes me , i look at him and say ‘your not a wolf ey mate? ‘ . It senses the wildness in me, and i want to be on the pathway. 

Inside i want to lie down . I hike back to the hostel and decide to listen fully to my body and to my heart . I talk to Mel , she reasures me . I let go and sleep , as the echo of freight trains horns echo through the rafters . 

Sleep sleep sleep

I dream that i go and thank the lady at the chevron garage , but the day turns out even better . Big Al drives over to Gus and I in the morning and offers to drive us and pick us up to the post office . This is ridicubonkerus nice behaviour here ! He is going to his grandsons Dodgers, little league game . 

He is instantly a hero of mine . He walked a lot of the John Meuir Trail back a few years ago and he is kind enough to let me wobble through the American postage service .*Waiting to drive me and Gus  back to the motel. 

His patience is saintly , even when i show utter bewilderment that the postal service of america times its employees every transaction . My teller tells me she was recently repremanded for taking to long ..What about customer service . My teller is amazing , she gives me moon stamps and i post them to my twin princesses . A postcard of a Varmite ( a white beaver , swimming on his back) . This town is real community. I show her the picturs im taking on the PCT . She likes the ladybird on the thistle . 

 Big Al drops us back at the Motel Santa Fe . He offers us a ride to the trailhead tommorow . The day didnt start and the hardwork is  over .Another bit of trail magic .
Later i sit outside the barber shop contemplating beard length and two friends are laughing and walking up the street.One of the two ladys say “you look just like a cowboy. ” I cooly reply that “Im from Wales and this maybe my only chance to be a cowboy , so im getting it while the gettins good!” Ha ha , i actualy say this out aloud !! I can sense this place has Le van Cleef all over it !They laugh like a pair of kids . I smile to myself , world I love you . Make a yes today where I thought their was going to be a NO . 

I walk down to the Chevron garage and thank the lady who first helped me get a room . Feel so good I walk down to the train museum and spend a half hour letting Tom show me around the signal house ,his enthusiasm is infectious. 

I go back to Burger spot .. Ahhhhh 
  Im going back to Burger Spot. 

 My body feels rested . 

Ive sent ten days of food back up the line . I have a mosquito head net , and im going to have to buy or rent a bear canister . As they are inforced beyond Kennedy Meadows . So next up is a 90 mile jaunt Northward . 

See how that takes me . 

I lie down a lot on Zday . 

Now the only question . Milkshake?Burger ?or Fries?

Im just back from watching the jungle book and popcorn . 

Good film .

On the way home I walk past Officer Bruce booking someone ..

The red and blues flash across my chest . I feel like im walking through celluloid. I imagine a rock and roll song 

“On Telepachi boulevard , anything can happen , on telepachi boulevard , the women dont need savin , on telepachi boulevard , see ya later partner is said and meant , on Telepachi boulevard , they never care to no government.

On the corner is a station,on the corner is the Dean,hikin up his levis ,lookin wholesome clean .

Back on Telepachi boulevard is Apache ,women of the tribe , bear mothers making dollys , The freight train seers the air. ”

On the corner is a station,on the corner is Norma Jean, hopping into Cadillacs,raging up a scene.Theres a birds nest in the drain pipe and the skys are mighty blue hope you visit for a burger when your passing through.
On Telepache boulevard the kids are straight and true, On telepache boulevard theres no Big Toe on the shoe”

got some big toe blues for ya

* under nontelevised revolution see nontelevised revolution 

4 thoughts on “Day 29 Day 30 Zdayz

  1. What you didn’t go into the quilt shop for me!!!😩 you are never far from my thoughts but the next 90 miles I will be walking with you. Glad you have had a good rest and enjoyed the local town. Take care XX


  2. I don’t know which bits were a dream and which were reality 😜 But it made for good reading… Hope the bear canister is good quality and you are well rested for the next slog. Stay safe xx


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