Day 31 mile 449

Im going out this morning . Back to the pathway .I feel rested in a  restless kind of way. 


The Motel Santa Fe behind me , along with the odd homless fella who talks loudly to himself and the strange noises on the other side of the motel lot last night. I had a nervy night last night, like a sureal David Lynch movie . I awoke startled , i felt like someone was in the room with me , it was the refrigerator starting up in the dark .Hmm , i felt like a bit of a burk there !

 I seem to be out of sinc with living in the city .  I feel my soul call for the peace of the wilderness . For the whisper of the grass , the sigh of the trees , the ribbet of frogs 🙂  Big Al swings around as im finishing a chocolate eclair . The bakery in town is formidable . The Hazelnut coffee a treat . The cherry turnovers toungasimic .But we have bigger things to wrestle today , and not long aftet we get in the 4by4 ,then Big Al is waving us off at the side of Highway 58. Me and Gus are back on the pathway . A flood came through last year and destroyed a lot of the highway and submerged cars in silt . Big landscape Big power . 

 We hike up along the highway a while and through a few more dwindeling windmills , we are returning to the PCT proper .The trees and rocks soon reemerge and the hiking is with birds , blue skys and long grass . Ahhh , its good to be back . 

 I pull off the path a lot to take photos ,drink water and snack . Ive found a new rythm , one that accomodates my new gel inner souls and my official wearyness . 

 I check my messages as i pass out of service . My Dad has left a message “The path owes you nothing. You collected enough good memorys to see you into dotage . Remember , if your not smiling , your not enjoying it.”  I smile , im grateful to have one like Gandalf onside . I know the path owes me nothing . Just like this life . Grab it with both hands . 

After a while i get bored . I make up stuff to entertain myself .  Today im going to be a happy wizard . A kind of Doctor Who like adventurer or something .. Maybe a nutty professor ?? 
 The metaphore of the pathway continues . I think of the word soul /sole,  as I contemplate me new insouls , they are as snug as wearing a pair of me mums slippers , i muse . Not that I would be wearing me mums slippers . But should a postman come to drop off a package and I had nothing else at hand , I could definatly imagine that my mums slippers would be as comfy as my new gel insouls to answer the door in a hurry . 

 I think of my soul and how it touches the land , i feel the steady rythm of my heart beating with each step on the path . I know my passing leaves a trace . Is it my footprint that is my mark here , or the way i encounter the path ? What is left in my wake ? My soul leaves a footprint behind me . Im deep in this thought . Im grateful for the insight. I keep walking on , its what we do on a good pathway .Keep on walking . 

I record songs ,poems and storys on my iphone . I feel like i have so much insperation that my head is full of bees. I want to pour it out into a cauldron of storys . Inbetween i walk and walk . My feet sometimes feel like they don’t like me anymore .  

I realise im enjoying the hiking alone today . Some sollitude is a sweet treat to the self . I enjoy the wheightlessness of being unobserved in amongst this great mythical landscape . My place within this landscape is infinatly small. I can loose all sense of scale . I feel humble to be human and human to be humus (from the earth). 

It is grand to be a part of the planets imagination. Dreaming our dreams together.  

Later at the spring i find a collection of hikers . I say ‘hi!’ to Forget me not and The Beast , also i catch up with Sofar and Sogood. Im absoloutly pooped, its all i can do just to filter a litre of water , and so I decide to stay the night at the spring with Raven ,who is hiking south . The company is easy . We are obviously both in love with nature and listening to her in the trees ,we have little use for talk tonight . 

Tommorows another day . 

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