Day 32 mile 470 

 Up at first light . Raven was on her way South . It was nice to hear all of her good guidance on water caches up ahead . South bounder wisdom is hiker gold . I let the other hikers get ahead yesterday , I feel a little quiet time come on . Its probably my artistic temperament , but im used to it now . When it comes along , i welcome solitude in like an old friend , and offer him a cuppa tea . 

 I filled my bottles and filterd my water at the pool . Last night the chorus of frogs was comical . Three very diffrent melodys all being played in un-unison .I look for one to photograph for the blog , but they are all keeping a low profile after their reveries of last night .  
Im hiking diffrently now . A diffrent rythm emerges , im aware that im managing every little detail , sugar , protein , water , carbs .. The list goes on , ive found one of the hiker wearinesses is mind weariness . The mind gets so tired constantly analysing input and output on the trail , also the path itself (the navigation aspect) add to this the mind blowing scenery and trying to process that alongside the journey . It all adds up , thats for sure , and it makes my experience richer for being aware that its all going on. 

 Thats where the pathway takes me today , explains its alright to be weary , and , this is what i am . I contemplate being older , i guess it will be like this more often , being weary .I listen carefuly and hear myself old and a little weary , and when i really listen i can hear the old me laughing , satisfied with a life fully explored . Maybe thats another gift of the trail . Preparing me for being an oldy .I certainly hope im doing this again then !
 I get a few pictures of birds and fauna and am happy with the days unfolding . I know that I am out here for a long while and wonder if this diversity can continue all along the path . The scenery changes with each day , subtly sometimes and other days more obviously . My treasure of change at the moment , on this pathway is trees . They have emerged around the pathway and they congregrate in dense groups around the snow line . They provide shade during times of well earned rest , but more importantly for me , they provide an earthy reliability. They stand firmly on the path and give me a place to ground . Having them close by brings me a deep healthy resonance .  

magical trees

 It seems unfathemable the distances we cross each day . I sometimes look back over my shoulder, usually in rythm with some pretty hard panting , and shake my head to myself . ‘Did I really come from there ?’ I think . Later, I talk to Sofar about this , and he confirms that im not unique . It seems that even when we walk every step of a pathway , we still cant believe the distance that the journey entails . 

 I come into  Robin Bird Spring late in the afternoon and i make supper while i filter water . I am tired but know i can make a few miles walking into the dusk tonight . Walking after supper helps my digestion and gives me a boost . The light is beautiful through the trees and over the rocks . I finaly run out of light about eight and stop to blow up my  sleeping mat and throw my bag on top before falling into a deep slumber . In the company of magical Trees . 

Contentment . 

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