Day 33 mile 497 

tops of trees

Woken by the soft light breaking through the trees . I didnt get a good look at where i camped last night as i came in at dusk . This morning it seems that im surrounded by ancestors . The bones of the earth are all around me . Huge boulders are balanced on one another making for an amazing gallery of shapes and figures . I can see serpents heads and huge stone fingers breaking up out of the earth . 

 Sparks comes by. We chat while i drink coffee and discuss the day ahead “hey ! Ya hear that owl last night? ” . Did I ever ! It was a beautiful deep echo that rang through the valley. We guessit was a big one , and surmise alone because it calls were not returned      . Cool , me and Sparks shared an owl .! 

 Im ready to hit the trail and go to put my  socks on . They make me take a little once over of my current hygeine status . Im a bit crusty and smell like , well in the intrest of politeness i wont tell you what i smell like (But I think it may just keep the Bears off my snickers ). I have forgoten the last time i rememberd to brush my teeth . My trousers are so soiled in salt and filth I think they could do a few miles of the trail on their own ..  

After less than two whole minutes of remorse about this situation I resolve to stop whinging and get to it . 

Im hoping to hike about 15mile today . There is a long stretch  ahead with no water , but Raven insisted that their were good water caches ahead , and although its prudent not to rely on them , this time it looks like they will come in handy for us . 

I pass by Forget me not and The Beast who are still making a rise , and feel good that ive been making some new friends . I wonder how Gus , Wing it and Big Toe are doing . 

As the day unfolds and breakfast is burned off I begin to feel very very weary . Its like nothing Ive ever experienced before . I realise im close to 500miles , which is all I really set out to do at the start .  Am I at my low point ? Am I in the belly of the whale ? 

I Never knew even in the bone weary marrow of tiredness their is still a great hope… It has taken 500miles of walking for me to really know deep down that it can be done . This pathway , this metaphore , this journey , it can be done , because the human being is such an amazing creation . So full of adaptability , so imaginative , so resiliant , that it can achieve almost anything that it aims to do . So my wearyness dissolves in the irifutable truth of what im doing , im still walking . Ha ha , im STILL walking . 

Later i bounce into the others for lunch . I get a couple of good photos of birds and lizards and im blown away by both the changing panoramas and the beautiful lichens and moss on the rocks . 

Every step of this journey yields some new treasure . Today the Joshua trees return and I loose myself in their magical otherworldness . 

They are truly magnificent in the setting sun  .  One particularly photogenic squirrel hangs around for a glorious twenty minutes . 

where does a squirel hide his nuts?

I push on with the other hikers into sunset and to the Bird Spring pass where there is a large water cache . We sit in the satisfied glow at the end of todays trail and Sparks feeds us all pepermint chocolate . The sunset is better than a photograph can express. 

Im a bit blown away when Forget me not tells me ive just walked 28miles . I wasnt counting today, but it really didnt feel that far ! Mile 497 … three more and I get to sing that bloody awful song . You know the one .. 

Mork calling Orson . Mork calling Orson .. Nanu Nanu … Shazbot ..*

*See Mork and Mindy (any episode)

2 thoughts on “Day 33 mile 497 

    • I love dragons !! Im so glad you reading 🙂 currently having a second imterview for a muscat job next semester 🙂 . Got lots of storys for you both x


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