Day 34 mile 518

Hi de Hi Campers ! 

 Woke up to a wee rabbit ! He was sitting and snuffling about a meter from me . I think he would have come closer had my socks been so close by . He quite happily shared my morning with me hopping around me and the Joshua tree i had camped beside . 

mojahve desert

 The long walk yesterday has dropped me close enough to the trail head and Highway 178 , where we can get a much needed shower and a plate of spaghetti . 

 A mile into my walk and i start to think about mile 500 . I didnt realise just how much of a milestone it had become . Milestones , now theres a metaphore around the theme of the pathway . What milestones have i enjoyed on my life path ? Which ones are important ?   

me at 500

Is it getting your first car, getting married , having a tattoo ? So many milestones via for our attention on todays pathway . Is it all so necesary ? I remember talking to my Korean students when i taught at The University of Gyeoung about choice . I was trying to explain that sometimes choice is just a distraction . I stand in supermarkets and have mini melt downs as i try and decide what type of beans to buy . There are beans with curry , beans with sausage , big tins , small tins and a whole range of wheight watching options . How DO i choose !?! I offer its very similar with milestones on our unfolding pathways . The very clear rites of passage we once celebrated seem to have disapeared . What will mark our distance covered ? A new hairstyle , a diffrent house ? 

forget me not and the beast

 On a simple pathway the milestones are clearer . Im grateful im seeing the ground covered , the way markers and the milestones ..however unbelievable it may sometimes appear .   

 Today unfolds slowly and steady , i get into the Warner Campground around 5pm and have a little walk to Rita and Ricks . Trail angels.

 We eat together around a table . Goodness me , its all so civilised . Today i will shower . Today i will sleep on a matress. These are good milestones . 

Done for the day . 

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