Day 35 and 36 Zdays 

Rita and Rick are good hosts . I decided to have another Zday during the afternoon yesterday . I hope to build up a little of my inner reserves . 

Im out of cell range for a week coming up , and so these blog days may well be the last for a while . I will do my best . 

Have enjoyed so much feedback and connection through this blog . Im so grateful for the many wishes of good will and positive encouragement . The connection has helped me focus and given me a boost when ive been off trail . Thanks to all who have been writing ,and if you havent and would like to write , feel free to comment here or on my Facebook page . Ian Kenneth Brown. 

yeeeeeehaaaaa !

yesterday we got a lift into town from Rick . On the drive over he voiced his very real concerns over the management of the local waters , how the lakes and rivers have all dried out so much that the local bears will come looking for water in peoples front yards (gardens) ! So much of California seems to be under massive climate change . 

After Rick dropped us outside the local supermarket we eat and shop and then shop and eat . Later he drives us back to the ranch , i have a cold beer and a siesta .

Gus turns up just after lunch , and that helped me to make up my mind to have another Zday . An important ingredient in a Zday is good company , and Gus is certainly that . Gus is from Maine and we started to bounce into one another during the first week of walking , now we seem to be catching up at almost every stop . Gus , hiked the ‘Te Aroha’ trail down the length of New Zealand . Inspiring ! We talk often about NZ and i realise im still very much in love with those magical shores . I file a lot of Gus’s trail wisdom for possible future adventures . 
 So I have treated myself to an extra Zday to hang out at the ranch and build up some strength . Eat , eat , eat . 

 We are in a Burger King and talking about the trail ahead . We criss-cross on subjects like weather , fatigue, diet and company on the trail . I think having a bit of social connection is really good for me , its been helping me get through some of the tougher times for sure . 

the mojave desert

 We shop and connect with Wing-it who is still on the trail until tommorow . We may get to catch up in the morning . 

 Later we plan to return to Rita and Ricks ranch and spend the rest of the day doing nothing !

5 thoughts on “Day 35 and 36 Zdays 

  1. Your Zdays are well deserved. We are enjoying the Trail without the pain will miss your blog while out of range. Take care with the water and the Bears. Hazel and Mike

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  2. Have a good rest, you look to be having fun as well! I will miss your blog, but as I re read most of it every day you are never far from my thoughts. Keep your eyes peeled for the Bears, and anything else that might pop up. On a bit of a count down now to seeing you . All love X


  3. The pic’ of you playing the piano looks like a scene from the good the bad and the ugly. I can’t decide which one you most resemble.


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