Day 39 mile 562 

Slept well last night .  

I was off late , maybe as late as 8am to start . The rythm of the day opened out as I finished my porridge and folded up my tent . The birds brought the sunshine back and i was greeted by Californian spring flowers all along my pathway . 

Im hiking to Fox mill spring to fill up on water . I think its about eight miles . Im taking it slow as after breakfast and a cup of tea im down to less than a litre . The climate has been kind the last couple of weeks , we have had cool winds , lots of cloud cover , and a little bit of rain . Its been good hiking weather , really good . Its difficult to grasp that I am through the hottest part of the walk , and the lengthy water planning will come to an end at Kennedy Meadows . 

on the path today

 I realise im getting lost in the yellow flowers at the side of the pathway . They are tiny totems of the sun , splashing colour all over the path , dazzling and rousing me from my early morning jadedness . 

 I start to really look out from this narrow pathway , i let go of my constant focus on where my feet are , and what my feet are doing . I look up , and am arrested by the sudden call of the hills . The rocks and sharp carved contrasting shape are absorbing me . Pulling me into , drawing me , focusing my sight . I see them from this pathway and their message is like nothing i ever walked beside . I feel some sorrow move within me that this maybe the only chance i get to walk in Owens Range , and I envy the locals who get to walk their dogs up here . 

This pathway is tranistry for me . Im passing through. Im saying goodbye before ive got time to get comfortable . Is this still a life metaphore ? We do pass through pretty quick dont we . How can I enjoy it as im letting go ? 

 I think its called non-attachment , being in love with a thing for its own merits . My friend Nicole told me “loving someone is like feeding a bird from your hand , it can fly away whenever it wants ” I still agree with what she said that day in her back porch . Im learning to let go of the most beautiful pathway even as i walk it . 

 I connect with Mp3 as im filtering water down in the creek . He is from Holland and is 19years old . An insperation if ever ive seen one . He got a supermarket job for three years to fund his journey here . Boom !! How cool is that ! 

We talk easily about the pathway onwards and fall into an easy step on our way onward .

last bird singing at sunset

We reach manta creek as the sun falls on another day . We eat in peace and the last bird sings in a tree over our heads . We smile , nothing needs to be said . 

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