Day 40 mile 572

Woke up after a blissfull night sleep under a sharp and waxing moon . The stars last night were ridiculous! I think it would be impossible to fit any more stars in the sky up there . They were packed in like sardines . I had to stop gazing after a while , as i got the funniest feeling that I was infinitesimally small , and when i then got thinking that all those stars are still there even when the lights are on , i had to close my eyes and pull my sleeping bag over my head . 

 I mean it is big .. Really big ey ? Thirty trillion galaxys around us , and if thats not enough , how about diversity . Plant and species diversity really comes into focus here on the trail . In the desert everything is laid bare , not just the stars at night , but also the range of animals . Its so much easier to see the interconnectedness of life here , as  its all out in the open . Each species relies on another to support and sustain it . I like it , it all fits so comfortably together . I see the blueprints as I am walking through this eco system . In fact , i dont just see it , i live in it . This feeling seems to trigger a deep response in me , a reaction to the contrast of living in non-wild places . 

 Ive lived in apartments and bedsits often in my life , and I can see that this has the effect of disengaging me from source . When i dont witness the web of life on a regular basis , i simply forget its there . I become absorbed in internet shopping or my newest gadgets, or worse yet , being ‘bored’ . Getting back into nature has had the simple and profound effect of connection for me . It has woken me up to the realisation that I am a valid and important part of the grand scheme of things . Which in this hurrly burrly world is a good thing . 

 Where do I go from this realisation ? What do I do with this wisdom ? Hmmmm .. Good questions . 

 I find that realising my relationship with all things has given rise to a renewed love of nature , and through that has come a kind of fierceness . A fierceness that is driven by gaurdianship ,nurturing ,  protection and husbandry . I feel a loyalty to this planet and all its infinate diversity , each part a facet of its beauty and mystery . I feel a renewed vigour and excitment to aid regeneration in these challenging times . I know that this little blue pearl that spins giddily about the great star we call the sun is having a tough time of it  lately. Investing enthusiasm and energy into sustaining the future of this planet seems to me a wise choice today . Im going to plant a few trees when i get home , in grattitude for this journey , and i truly hope that is just the start.

 I think all of this as I make my porridge . Honestly ! I guess i should get out more ! 

 The morning is so cold , there is ice on my sleeping bag . I hit the trail before 7am and am well on the way to walk the last 10miles to Kennedy Meadows . There i will find two parcels of food and equipment . Neccesary for the hundred miles through the Sierras ,home to some grand mountains and some outstanding views . 

 I walk this morning through cedar and pine , between rocks and rabbits , under trees that are home to morning warblers . Im making good time . Not long and im at the store where im ‘applauded’ in . Its a PCT tradition at Kennedy Meadows to cheer in your hiking buddys . It seems to make the burgers and beer taste better , if that could be at all possible . 

 Later I talk to Eric from Tasmania , hiking the PCT with his son . We share photos and memorys of this unfolding experience . Its clear we are both having the time of our lives . 

 Other hikers are pulling in every hour , preparing gear and trying to pile in some calories . Ive got my micro-spikes and my ice axe now , and have bounced one of my boxes up the line to South Tahoe , where i hope to pick it up next month . 

Im geared up and ready for the next part of this epic adventure . The desert it done , bring on the mountains .

3 thoughts on “Day 40 mile 572

  1. So good to read your last four day blogs, photos just wonderful, I’m looking forward to the next part of your journey. I gave a cheer when you got to Kennedy. Take good care and keep warm. X

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  2. Breathtaking scenery. We did Yosemite a few years ago and seeing your photos brings it all back. Enjoy! Hazel and Mike

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