Day 43 mile 619

On waking up we went across the creek to the fire site . The earth was grey and the roots of two fine Cedars were ireprably damaged . 
I had to go and press my nose against one of the trees . A beautiful Maori tradition . Share a breath with nature . 
My heart still hurts as I write this . A shame that I hold for the neglegent human beings . I bless nature . The great and glorious mother who we have been born from . I love her with all my heart . Her rivers run like the blood of our bodys , her flesh is the earth we walk upon , her birds the voice of our dreams . How can we hurt her ? Why would we walk with anything less than conscious belonging ? 

Im speechless. 
My heart still hurts . 

Father nature the great sky clad one . Eagle brother . Peace rain down . One who brings lightening and thunder . Protect my mother as she nurtures us all. Each one of us . 

I thank this walk for teaching me this . Its a grand pathway . It has brought me closer to my nature.

I pray later that we can know our place in this family of fine things . I pray that we laugh as butterflys in the desert under clear calm skys . I pray that we all have the intelligance and fortitude to protect and preserve our home . Our heartbeat mother earth . 

 I find balance walking . Best foot forward . Im back on the trail.

I find balance . 

The pathway returns . We are on a songline , a heartsong way , I natter with Eric from Tazzmania , he is following in his sons footsteps. I tell him ‘So do I but sometimes his foortprints go off the path a little .’ We laugh .Its good that other hikers before us are showing the path through the snow.

Enter the hero of our story : Gilligan ..

Gilligan has woken pre dawn and begun a forty mile hike to Lone Pine to notify the local officials that some neglect has caused a possibility that those roots might still be burning. He took it on his own shoulders to ‘haul ass’ trail bound with the wind under his wings .Im in awe . He takes this nature thing seriously too.

Im able to breifly get reception at Owens valley , I upload this blog .Eat lunch with Eric as we swap grandfather storys . I shoot a couple of photos and relax in the best living room a man could ask for . 

The trail gets beautiful . Elevation .You see it all. Snowcaps glistening so bright I have to put on sunglasses  . Reds deep and burnished on the redwoods and crystal blue skys . Its totally mint-imperial up ear !

I can breath as the air thins . I taste the freshness .My nostrils flair with cold mountain and pine .Im looking down into a magnificent valley .

Eleven thousand feet and climbing . My boot takes in snow . Gosh it . I feel a dragon inside of me . A splinter of anger has strayed aboard from last night . Maybe one of the hot coals burning in the heart of the tree has awoke.A hero inside of me . I push through deep snow . Knee high .One step at a time lad . One step after another . I know both my grandfathers are with me .

 Later Gus from MAINE comes and interupts my fartfree dinner . We laugh together as I chuff in his general direction . PCT rules ! We hike a while leapfrogging untill Gus retires and i hike on a few more miles. I have the hardest slog of the day coming into Poision Meadow Spring . Wet feet and cream krackered ! Happy to see the tents of other hikers . Ryan and 3030 are both already pitched and ElGringo and Smoking Moose are in twin bunks . They are ‘rightious dudes’ . I spit and grumble a while whilst i wrestle with the wind , wrestling with me ,wresteling with the tent . 


Im reading Huckellberry Finn . I thank my dad before i go to sleep not just for recomending a good read , but also for giving me a good start in life , good enough that I can achieve these dreams . Thanks Dad , I love you . 

 Mark Twains pretty good too .

Blister count : hahahahaha only joking ! 

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