Day 44 mile 633

I hike out of Poison Meadows straight into knee high snow and a path that doesnt lead to the PCT trail . I get up on a ridge and can see the mountains have got a lot closer in the last twenty four hours . Finding my way back on the path Im relieved . I spend the whole morning struggling with ‘post holing’ . For those of you who havent heard of this hiker term before , it describes the hole that you make when your leg plunges down into a patch of soft snow. It is sometimes just an inconvenience but can become both frustrating and at worst dangerous . People get serious injurys , as the body can be thrown forward or the feet can hit rocks under the snow . 

One step at a time . 

 At lunch im suprised by Gilligan , he has already made it back onto the trail after his dip down into Lone Pine. He explains he called the authoritys and left details of the fire sight . I tell him he is a ‘Legend’ and im proud that he has the imtegrity to not leave it unreported . 

 We eat together and talk of our love of nature . When he finishes college he wants to work out here on the trails . I tell him it would be a nice office . 


I spend the rest of the day alone . Enjoying the company of chipmunks who dart around like lightening , and the welcome sound of the water . Now just days from the desert , im lightend by its  burble . I stop often and enjoy deeper connection with just being ‘in’ this scenery . The sun reflects on the snow , dazzles on the water and creates a hum of new spring life . The warmth rises in the scent of pine needles . 

 Im at my camp ,’Rock Creek’ . I have made far fewer miles than in the desert today, but this is a diffrent kind of hiking . Slow , plodding through the snow . So im satisfied when I finally see my camp site come into view . Not really a site . Just a bear box and a space in the trees for my tent . The sun is still shining through the tops of the trees and so i sit and read another chapter of Huk Finn, and try and dry my socks out a little . 

I eat quietly and try and mulch over a bit of the last two days , it has been quite full on. Im grateful for the peace tonight .Just the river running beside me and the moon above . 

4 thoughts on “Day 44 mile 633

  1. So far and So good left Truckee/Reno yesterday taking a bus north to Susanville and hitched to Old Station. Going north, we’re at Hat Rim this morning. Good luck and be safe in the Sierra’s.


    • Glad you have it sorted . I get to approve and censor your comments .. As you are a weeee rapsCalian and kanna be trusted not to talk overtly about nonsense 🙂 xxxx


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