Day 52 mile 675

Im in the Oregon woods today . The alarm of bird calls shrill . In the afternoon light Im looking back on a day of trail magic . 

Leaving the Ashland hostel with my coffee , no m’n’m ™ pancake oatmeal today ..! I buy a cheese and sausage burito , its good ! I eat my Pear whilst i wait for a hitch , nothing comes , so i skip a bus and yarn to the driver . I drift , anxious to get a ride but patient to listen to my own flow . I walk a little to another corner , then another , synchronicity and the path . 

 Later Hanna finds me in the petrol station and asks if im on the PCT and throws open her arms when i ask for a hitch . We talk and talk of all things PCT . We are both happy that nature has connected us . In the car there is sweetgrass and freedom . She drops me at the bottom of a four mile walk upto the trailhead . I will add it to the total . I thank her by singing her off as she heads to work . 

 Once your on the trail proper though! 

 When your body floods with resonance   because the power has once again found you . Once you breath the pulse of the hero and now . Once you see from the corner of your eye that proffered gift.Once you allow yourself to know the self . 

 Then all sorts of beauty begins to unfold . 

 I stop to rest on a log . The bird sound my accompaniment. Within two minutes Glenn is walking down the path . We talk and laugh and tell storys for an hour . Glenn hasnt seen anyone on the path for a week . Its good to share the storys of further down the line . I let him talk , and I listen hard , he tells me lots about the pathway on . 

It looks like only one small diversion all the way up the path for me . My focus is going to be taking things easy on this section . 

 Ive walked four miles in Oregon , and very very slowly . Why walk faster ? Its beautiful ,bordering on serene   . What am I doing holding a small screen . Uuuk! Im going to do some more walking .. Wind in my hair ! 

 Later i hang out my food and pitch tent inbetween chapters of Huk Finn . A little drizzle forces me under canvas early , and im fast asleep in minutes . Reno is a long time ago , i breath deep and im smiling in my sleep . 

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