Day 53 mile 686

Gosemer strands of spider web catch the early morning light and flicker morse coded messages across the stands of deep mossy pine . Everywhere is green .

 I have woken to the sound of a hundred birds calling out there name to the new day . The newness of the day has included me within it . 

 Black coffee in a tin cup .

Into the new adventure .Solo. No-one on this trail for miles . I will be suprised if i see anybody for two or three days . Its very liberating . I will turn off all of my self censorship programs and be who I am . Nature will mirror myself back to me better than any words are able . 

I listen now , as im on the path . The morning turns into a riot of green moss blue sky running rivers and rich red earth . Therr are no commas in nature , just the pauses between chirups and the sudden arresting pauses of magnificence that stop me on the path . Blue woodpeckers , bush tits , vultures , warblers and hawks . 

 I fade back to this morning , when i heard the dawn chorus , i was thinking that i should get out of bed just to listen , but it didnt stop , it just ran ran and ran , a rolling river of bird song . Still now , as i lay in my tent at the end of an amazing days walking , they are still singing . 

 Ive passed through wild flowers and trees that made me slow down , made me linger , brought me back into my own being . Each moment in Oregon is savoured . The stands of trees magnificent . 
Accompanied by squirrels and chipmunks that make me laugh out loud . The moment I saw the story of the Giant Sequoiah that crashed down amongst its kinsfolk , its great stump now become a home of rich mulch to fertilise a whole new family . 

 I put myself to the tasks of camp and cooking , its all taken on a ease here , amongst this wealth of life . The abundance of nature drips , hangs and exudes from leaf tip to root floor . I feel i am falling ,falling into the long outstreched arms of mother natures comfiest armchair . 

 Now where are the Jaffa Cakes when you need one ?  

3 thoughts on “Day 53 mile 686

    • Thanks kathryn , im trying to get him to hike Scotland with me . He has a fine red beard and i could see him in a kilt !! It would make all the wee lassys blush 🙂 missing him big time here .


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