Day 54 mile 699

What wait , did I go to bed yet ? 

Did i just spend the day talking to squirrels and chipmunks ? 

Its all a bit of a dream !

Did i sleep the last bit of my day ?

Ohh the forest . 

I find sanctuarys , in the trees , dias of sacrosanct chapels , arches rafters in the emerald cathederal , song birds alter children , heavenly echoes . 

I made it to the South Brown Shelter . Its the only cabin on the trail as far as i have known . Ive looked forward to it all day . When i arrive after the thirteen steady miles of the day , im greeted by a solid , no frills back country hut , with firewood , water pump and a John Grisham novel to start the pot belly stove with . 

I get a txt from Big Toe . He is threatening to make it to the Bridge of the Gods . Where i intend to finish my walk . He came off last week with his feet in a real mess . But has more hikes lined up this month . 

We are getting the band back together ! 

Im so grateful to these two chipmunks today , for putting on the best show ive seen in 2016 . Pure circusry ! I sat and watched them for maybe fifteen minutes . I will spare you the reems and reems of photos i took . 

I light a fire when i get to the hut . It feels good to have this primal moment in the name of my Fathers place ‘Brown Hut’ . As im lijting the fire , Gus from Maine is walking up the path behind me . ‘How you doin ? ‘

‘Good ! ‘

‘Yourself ?’

We eat and absorb into nature , like a great inviting open sofa . I tell my chipmunk story ,and show the video of the barking squirrel .

The mash and pasta was delicious ! 

Shout out to Moose and El gringo and Gilligan and Eric .. You know why ! 

Ohh and the sunset outside the man cave on the picnic table was absoloutly sublime . Soft cheese and MnMs . Like a garden party for two bears . 

Gus has gone to bed, im alone in blogland .A  bloody big rabbit just comes and sits next to me ,whilst im writing this. Seriously , nature is everywhere here ! Its hard to not reference Louis Carol when im consistantly being aproached by conversational animals . Doctor Doolittle . St Francis . I stand still and breath , and nature speaks , sometimes in capitals , but always with KINDNESS . 

And the pink flower , i almost forgot !! If anyone can find out what its called could they give me an email with it , if its not named maybe we could call it ‘Burt’, because i dont think there is an orchid called ‘Burt’ yet ? ! What a beauty . (The light so perfect that no editing or touch ups are necesary. )

Earlier in the day , i was walking through a break in the trees , every now and them the forest receeds to reveal the truth of the skys .I look above me , there are two raptors flying out of the sun towards me . The forest is still around me . The two circle again and become distant . The song of birds returns . 

I look back now on a day when i said ‘yes!’ to everything . I let the pathway work its magic around me , from the stillness of deep ,dark and moist forest , to the brightest patches of life along the turns and groves . I have said ‘yes!’ to it all. 

 I can sleep satisfied .

I consume the last two chapters of Huck Finn . 

The day almost done , just the last embers of this fire to watch before i turn in . Tranquility . 

3 thoughts on “Day 54 mile 699

  1. Hi Ian, your orchid is far too pretty to be called Burt. It is a Calypso bulbosa orchid (Western Fairy Slipper Deer-head orchid) and blooms from March to July. Enjoy their beauty. Hazel

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  2. What a perfect name for such a beautiful flower.what a truly captivating day you have had today Ian. Glad to hear that you have had word from big toe, and that you will see him again before your walk is done. I shall be sharing this blog with you nieces when they get home from school, they will love the chipmunks!! Stay safe.all love mum x


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