Day 56 mile 714

We waited the morning for Hannah to show up . We had fish and chips for breakfast . 

 When Hannah arrived we bundled into the car and drove upto Crater lake. Hannah was adamant that if I had to miss the trail further North due to snow , then I should at least get to see Crater lake . She was dead right . 

We drive out to a gorge and watch the rushing flow of water make its way through solid rocks . Massive trunks are tossed aside like childrens toys left in the garden of the giants . 

We stop for an ice cream .

Later we drive high up to the volcanoes rim , just to peek over the edge . Down into Crater Lake and Wizard Island . Hannah tells me some of the local legends . 

We spent an hour or so wandering around up at the top of the crater , taking photos and being generaly mind blown . 

One of the highlights of the PCT for sure . Later this afternoon  Hannah put us up in her back yard whilst we resupplied . 

We watch the fire go down before turning in , tommorow back on the pathway . 

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