Day 57 mile 725 

Woke up itching to get out on the trail . The last days of walking have been beautiful and captivating , but the start /stop to the rythm is unsettling after days of hiking with no hinderance . Hannah is running around the house looking for various hiking equipment and flapping over breakfast and coffee .Her home also has a resident infestation of Rainbow family members , who seem to be lost in the deep cosmic connection available on the Laptop they are glued to . 

 Gus and I are out on the back porch , our bags packed an hour or more ago , both hoping we can walk through to Etna . For me it will be my last section on the PCT . Im letting that sink in as im writing , its quite strange for me to think about anything else other than being on this trail . Maybe ive become involved in a depentant relationship ? 

 I have .. Havent I . 

Im totally hooked , line and sinker . I have been emersed in something that has both healed me and defined me for the last sixty days . I feel a sense of vertigo when im away from the path . I feel a sense of power when i am on it .  

What do I become when I dont get my way? When the pathway I choose seems unobtainable or insurmountable . When fate seems to conspire to knock me off the rythm of life . Hmmm. Intresting . 

I suppose i return to the inner child , the one who stamps and pouts . I believe nowerdays though I see some of the signs , signs like aggitation and frustration . I find myself activly embracing that child. Consoling and listening carefully to the demands and complaints . Seeing this inner emotional behaviour as something acceptable and normal . I nurture and accept that child . Presence with the inner child is money in the bank . Its getting to know a valid and powerful part of my inner landscape . In time this child will become my ally . Even after the horse has bolted and ive seriously lost my rag (which is rare) i can still return , and ask that same question . Why did I become that one ? The answer is always there . I muse on this as I slip and slide on the ice (yet again) . I accept that today , my path may not be easy , but tommorow is definatly another day. 

Get back on the bicycle !

 Hannah takes another hour , apologising madly as we pack her squeeky car with our bags. She is so excited to be heading out on the trail that we take an unscheduled detour and go twenty miles in the wrong direction before returning to the trail head . In the car park we make a few strap adjustments and find the trail heading North . We agree to walk to the Grouse Shelter tonight , its ten very easy miles .  We begin walking , after a half hour i get a txt from Hannah , somewhere further back down the road , the message is a little long winded , but the upshot is that she may possibly be turning around and that i shouldnt worry if she doesnt make the ten miles to the shelter tonight . I smile . 

 Mount Shasta is todays focal point , it looks a bit like *Mount Taranakis stunt double . A beautiful snow capped volcanoe that draws the focus of the eye from all directions .Coupled with crisp blue skys and stunning green pine freshness , I begin to settle back into my normal routine . Walking.

 I pass Gus and later he passes me . I tell him im not sure Hannah will make the miles today . He nods . 

 Later , im sat on me ‘jack jones’ in the Grouse shelter , ive waited a couple of hours now , but no Hanah as yet . Im ready to turn in for the night with me book and a cuppa tea . I hang up my bear bag , feeling like a kid hanging up his stocking at christmas , half hoping to see a bear , but half knowing I wont get to see one . Sqruggle up in my sock smelling sleeping bag , and drift away . 

  Thankyou Hannah for putting Gus and I up in the yard and getting us back on the track . Muchos gracias . It was a blast. 

*Mount Taranaki is arguably Aotearoas (New Zealands) most beautiful monga (mountain).

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