Day 59 mile 766 

I brake camp quick and quiet this morning . Gus is still snoring .He said he wanted a lye-in , which in our book is about 7:30 . I slip away from camp and into tranquility and bird song . 

pine cones in bloom

Its an hour into the walk by the time I realise that I have been listening contently to the chirp and whistle of our feathered friends . They really are the unsung heros of nature . I mean , yes , there are some amazing and gifted vocalists out there amongst the birds . But the everyday chirpers are often forgoten , or worse yet , taken for granted . Its the sparrows and tits that im talking about . They offer little melodys for us as a race , little songs to remind me that however deep into the unkown and unchartered i may dare to venture , i am still not completely alone , i am a part of this great and wondeful living biosphere called Planet Earth . They remind me that its all alive , all living , every single piece of this morning that Im currently sliding on my bum into . 


So i walk on . I take a break about ten and have a second breakfast . Its becoming a bit of a ‘Hobbit’ thing , I can see why Tolkien extold the virtues of these new and exciting experiences . But I dont think he had curried cuss cuss in mind when he wrote ‘The Lord of the Rings ‘ ! 

Im heading for Kangaroo Springs today , via the Bear Dog springs . What superb place names out here on the path . I have been to the Devils punchbowl , Poison Meadows , Golden Oaks spring and Billy Goats cave , just to name a few . I wonder who named all these places . The early pioneers who blazed these trails certainly had a sense of adventure in their diction . It deffinatly adds to the mystique when I head out for a place with a name like Lost Valley road head  . So anyway , im heading out to Kangaroo spring . Its a plus twenty and thats why i started early , ive settled into my own cadance now , not the early big mile days i was pushing out . ‘Take your time youve nothing to prove . ‘ The friend in my head reminds me . 

The snow has receded , Im not sure if its elevation or temperature thats caused this , but I am sure that im grateful . The first half of the day sees the trail rise up high onto ridge lines and crests , with amazing craggy outcrops dotted with splashes of spring blooms . It makes a man want to sing . So I do . Well Im Jukebox , aint I !?

 At Bear Spring I  fill up on water and take my time with the last five miles of the day . I pass Echo Lake and enjoy the sun on the red rocks as its setting . Its wild and magical up here tonight . 

When i finally reach camp , Gus has already set up and cooked his dinner , he tells me I just missed a young deer that wandered through the camp . Im a bit disapointed , its a rare and special moment to see a young deer out here , and I wonder as I set up my tent what she looked like .   

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