Day 60 mile 778

I bind to myself today. The power of Heaven,The light of the sun,The brightness of the moon,The splendour of fire,The flashing of lightning,The swiftness of wind,The depth of sea,The stability of earth,The compactness of rocks.I bind to myself today.

From Saint Patricks Breastplate . 

There she is . A few feet from my tent this morning . Pure and beautiful like the mountain spring that runs through the camp . Im lost in her innocence . She keeps me silent and alert as the sun begins to rise , turning the orange sand stone of the camp into deep vibrant vision . 

She is this place embodied , and im not sure if ive ever seen anything quite so precious . Her vulnerability is her power , catching my presence and inspiring me to honour her . Im so happy to have this precious moment alone in her company . 

The slitest of movement and she reacts , nervously and yet with grace . I try to breath slowly with the camera and realise I am in total bliss . Nothing else matters for a moment , only capturing a moment in time that I am sharing with the great mystery . 

 She is gone , far to soon . 

I have miles to cover , so I dont dilly dally . I want to get down to the Seiad Valley Cafe for breakfast , a twelve mile hike , fortunatly mostly down hill. 

The going is easy this morning , im not sure if it being boyed up by the special interaction I enjoyed this morning , or the extra sweets i had with breakfast , but Im fair motoring right now , through a zizagging switch back of lilac flowers , giant daisys and dandelions . 

I make breakfast by 10:30 and order lunch at the same time . Now comes the food coma . Im sitting in the grass at the local camp site . Bruce , the manager , has  sorted me with a towel and laundry tokens . Im so very very grateful to not smell . 

Gus rocks up about lunch . “I know your not going to like this , butjust  after you left , a bear showed up!” I make out im disapointed , but he can tell im only half sad , the day was well and truly made for me when I photographed my first wild deer . 

Besides , there is always tommorow . 

4 thoughts on “Day 60 mile 778

  1. How wonderful to spend a little time with that beautiful animal! It must be worth every blister you have ever had! Your experiences are amazing. Although I am counting down the days to seeing you I am so going to miss your blog your photos, your words.
    But I have them all here at my fingertips to open and read whenever I want. Talk soon X


  2. Love the photo of your deer she is a beauty. Sorry couldn’t identify your flower. Enjoy your walking. Hazel

    Sent from my iPad



    • Thanks aunty Hazel . Its a real treat to see the wildlife every morning . Im so grateful for the support . Im doing a little talk on my travel at mum and dads bezt month at the village hall . You are so welcome to come . Would love to see you both after such a long time . Lots of love to you and mike


  3. I’m rather behind on your blog (dreadful sister)!
    Photos are stunning as ever. Love the deer…
    But, did Guss really see a bear?!! Wow! *parp*


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