Day 64 mile 847

A welcome night of blissful sleep in the Hiker Hilton . A cosy bed and the knowledge of a warm shower close at hand does wonders for the spirit . 

I wake about seven and join the other hikers for breakfast at Bobs ranch . (A fry up of epic proportions . )We cycle there along the streets if Etna and i notice the yard sales all over the town . It seems one weekend a year everyone in the village puts their unwanted ‘stuff’ on their lawns and sells it . People from all over drive up just for the weekend to rummage . A sense of the festive is in the air and people wave to me and shout encouragment “you on the PCT? ” , “Good on you !” , “Best of luck!” . I love these little communitys , they offer hope for our next generation . They still hold the keys of support, going the extra mile and mucking in . Where the city folks seem to have all but lost their way . 

 Im standing at the bus stop , ive just said goodbye to Gus . We have hiked together on and off for over a month , its strange to think we may not see each other for a long while , especialy after sharing such a wonderful path . Thankyou Gus for your patience , moral support and putting up with my flatulance . 

I bus to Dunsmuir , and tramp the five miles to the trail head along the railtracks . Its nice walking this afternoon , and i feel a wheight begining to lift after the hard walking since Ashland . 

 I make my way just a couple of miles up the trail tonight , which i note is absoloutly manicured ( really , its like a crown green bowling lawn) . Im tired from the bus travel and the 100plus degrees that has desended on us the last few days . I put up my tent and cook , im joined by a small cloud of mosquitos and sand flys , i waft them away as i try to eat my dinner . Im asleep before i zip up my bag tonight . 

Late in the night , a single crash of rolling thunder breaks the muggy night . I jolt awake , suddenly aware . I waddle out to my pack and bring it under the tent for safety sake . I wait in the darkness for more thunder , but non comes , just the gentle patter of rain . Its gentle rythm soothes me to sleep . As im falling i realise it will be my birthday the day after tommorow . 

One thought on “Day 64 mile 847

  1. Well your birthday has been and gone, for the time being but 3 weeks today you will be back home again in Wales,( is there a song in there somewhere?) can’t wait to meet Mel and the four of us will celebrate your birthday, Dads birthday, and your wonderful achievements on the trail. Photos yet again are wonderful, another one of my bucket list is to walk the rail line in America of course.X


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