Day 66 mile 889

Today i cross an important threshold . I have walked the length of Great Britain . Its 874 miles from Lands End to John o groats . 

Also today im 46 . 

I was born on 6/6 so its funny that today is my 66th day on the trail , even odder is that i stopped hiking today at exactly 6:06. Not that numerology or fung shui have much to do with hiking , but nevertheless i do like a bit of serendipity . Anyhow serendipity is not important this morning as im trying to pack down the tent as fast as I can . The sand flies are chasing me around camp , and its all I can do to stuff my gear randomly into the pack and beat a hasty retreat . “He who fights and runs away !” 

Im straight back into marvelous walking . The pathway hugs the side of a pine forest , and the steep gradient down to the valley offers not just magnificent views , but also the accompanying sound of the river below . The birds are singing , and im enjoying the sun rise through the trees . Ive always loved the way that sun refracts though solid objects like trees , and i click away as you can see . 

Later , i cross the McCloud river , and meet three other NoBos . They introduce themselves as Happy,Tugboat and Moonshadow . Turns out its Moonshadows brothers birthday today too . Well thats not bad for a one in three hundred and sixty five chance .I tell them the bad news of the coming trail , and they seem genuinly grateful to hear now instead of when they get to Etna . We part ways with smiles . Im taking a short break when im aproached by a deer . I spend a happy ten minutes trying to get her to let me pet her . I settle for a photo . 

Further on up the road , i find a perfect creek . I hadnt planned to take a break , but its my birthday , so i put on my birthday suit and go for a good scrub . Well thats the annual bath over with . I even remembered to do behind my ears . 

Later in the day i come across another work team on the trail , this group though has pack horses and mules . Its a real treat to be introduced to the horses , as i pass them on the path . I cant imagine a better way to travel than with a couple of horses through countryside like this . 

Later i pop back into cell phone range , and am slightly stunned and completely humbled by my messages . I recieve kind encouragment and lovely lovely love from my very favourte people . I sit down and have my birthday dinner whilst i read all the well wishes . A tin of Spaghetti and meatballs , cold . Yummm! For desert i have a Twix . I talk briefly to me mum an dad . Its such a special moment for me . I thank them sincerely for giving me this life . Up here on the PCT its easy to remember what a miracle this all is . 

Later i walk a couple of loose miles , just to burn off my dinner ( im Not used to Twixs!)  and put up my tent next to an old forestry path . The sand flies , midges , misquitos and now also bees decide to come and help me put up the tent …

AaaAAARGRGRFHhhhhhhHh !!!!! 

7 thoughts on “Day 66 mile 889

  1. Happy birthday. I am red riding hood’s mum and I think you have met her on the trail. Reading this in Oxford! Happy trails


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