Day 68 mile 926

Its too early for this ! Im up at the crack of sparrow fart and on the trail again .

sparrows fart
I want to make that early date with milkshakes and all the other dietry evils that the store in Burney may be able to offer me . 

I am listening for bears , every now and then I pass a big bear poo in the middle of the trail and it reminds me im not the ‘king of the swingers’ out here : not on your jungle book im not ! 

stella blue jay
The morning unfolds into more golden forest dawns and more lilac butterflys and more playful dancing rainbow unicorns . NO ! No! My morning is unfolding with bee stings , bug bites , scratchy new thorny yellow flowered  plants ( that resemble barbed wire.. (but are still a bit pretty ) …  

barbed wire flowers
..and of course your friend and mine blisters . Im tired and just a bit over it ! I want to have a hug with the ones I love .I want a pint of Bitter and a plate of bangers and mash down ‘The Fox’ .I want to sleep in for about two weeks . What am i even doing out here getting scratched and bitten ?Why am i on this stupid trail anyway .? Me old mate Buddah taps on my consiousness here and reminds me to breath , just to focus on the breath , stay present . But the present is all pain !! 
So what happens when i loose presence with my pain ? What happens when i use denial and distraction to subvert me from accepting an unpleasant present predicament or state ? Hmmmm good question ! 

Of course , simply put,  i loose my mind / body connection . Its essential for me to ‘listen’ to my body out here . Each stretching muscle , weary limb and creaky bone have their own voice . By listening i assure that i can tend to the body when i have time at the end of the day . Ignoring them would be great folly . The body is a great treasure. 

I would say exactly the same is true of the heart / mind connection . When i stop listening to the heart , and i mean realy tunning into its energy , im going to loose my balance . 

dawns golden hue

The heart on this path has been my motor , my barometer and my scales . Its constancy has given me grounding , an its alarms have given me pause for rest . ‘Listening to the heart’ is not just a romantic philosophy . Here it is a practicle neccesity . 

Loosing balance on the path can lead to all sorts of misadventure . How do i come back into harmony with the mind/body relationship ? 

how do i find harmony on the path ?

 I stop everything , and just remain in stillness . That for me means paying attention to my breathing   and becoming aware of my surroundings . Noticing exactly whats arround me as if i have just woken up . The connection between heart and mind is never lost . Just waiting to be ‘re-membered’ . 

I know this day will still hurt ,even if im in my heart or not , so why bother one may ask , with all this new-age mallarky ? Well for me being with out my heart realationship on this path is like a teenager being without a cell phone . Its a vital bit of kit to navigate the present paradime with . Its also a bit of fun to occupy the time. Have you ever watched two butteflys ‘dating’ . Thats what the heart and mind are doing most days .Chasing each other around around around in circles . 

Im outside the grocery store at Burney falls and looking at my cell reception . I can connect to the world . Im elated. I also have the first chocolate ice cream completed . 

park logo
The park is truly magnificent , the kind of rustic californian pine cabin park that i really enjoy . Its well spread out , has a swimming lake and mind bogglingly beautiful scenery and of course the grocery store sells brown beer . Im happy . 

 Later i shower and wash clothes . The hiker box had some ‘soap’ in it . I cant keep up with all these new technologys ,’soap’ ,whats that when its at home ? apparently im supposed to put it on my self , and it promises to clean me , just like that . Hmm , im a bit dubious , it obviously doesnt know just where ive been ! 

Talking of the ‘hiker box’ its worth noting here that Burney Falls has a ‘fandabeedozee’ hiker set up , a little camp away from the rabble , with its own picnic benches and fire pit and the best free food box ive  come across so far on trail . I laugh out loud (far too loudly) when i find a free beer smiling out at me . 

Oh Yea !! I think im staying here for a couple of days . Oh yes!! 

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