Day 69,70 Zdays 

burney falls in all its glory

Sitting on my backside at the side of the Falls . Its a supreme spot of primal magic and beauty . I find myself wanting to stay another day . Ive been down to the lake , lay around , read my book (The Invisible Man) and talked to a couple of other hikers . 

any ideas ?

I write poetry for the first time in weeks , and feel an outpouring of insperation . As this waterfall powers out its payload im reminded that holding back is only ever going to cause problems . Letting it go back to the source is the course that nature takes . 

Its important to have a bit of RnR in the big scheme of things . It seems odd to need a break from the bliss a d beauty of nature , but when i reflect , i realise im having a break from repetition . Its repetition thats caused my weariness , deffinatly not the magic of the PCT. 

getting a beer from the drinks cabinet

Im just back from a half hour at the falls and So far and So good have bounced into town . We talk quick fire catch up stuff . Our storys are confusing with tech talk and our ‘flip flops’ arebmuddled in a babble of place names and mileage points . It goes something like this :

“So you where at dog brush springs ? North bound or South bound ? Was there any water on trail?”

“No that was poodle bush creak , and it was south bound”

“So you think there will be water there?”

“Maybe at cache mile 1428, but we heard from Peanut butter that it’s gone dry , so you could try pine cone gulley and camp nearby .”

“Peant butter told me that Happy cat said that he found a lot of snow above the tree line there . So he said to watch out for midges ,and don’t  touch  top water as its not to be trusted ”

(Everybody nods sagely) 

“So is ‘top water’ a trail name ?”

(Everybody laughs)

Just when i think im starting to get the trail , the trail ups , and gets me . 

blue jay trying to poach some of my lunch

Im sitting in the afternoon sun , my devices are charged , a few other hikers have come by , i just got a txt from Wing-it saying that the trail South is completely open ,i have some good food planned this afternoon , life is rosey . 

I am putting down my devise right now . For an afternoon of sunshine and nature ,  i truly hope that you find yourself in the position whereby you may follow suit .   

7 thoughts on “Day 69,70 Zdays 

  1. The falls are amazing, glad you are having a couple of Z days hopefully not with the mozzys!! I think only a few more days on the trail and you will hit the big 1000 so keep your mind and heart light you will do it. Take careX


  2. That looks like heaven and you will be pleased to know that I have finally caught up on your blog.. The flower looks like some kind of Orchid? But I don’t know.. Beautiful birds.. You will miss the PCT so much!
    Good luck for your remaining mileage. 1,000 miles.. That is such an incredible feat. Super proud. Enjoy the r&r xxx


    • Thanks darling sister !! Im doing my best . Like a proper cub scout ! Keep your eyes open for another deer encounter coming up soon 🙂


  3. Your flower is an orchid but there are too many to get a precise name, very pretty though. The falls look brill. Enjoy your last days on the trail, the south west coastal path will seem tame after this but we are expecting another blog on where the best cream teas are. Hazel

    Sent from my iPad



    • The coast track will be rugged , and has a castle ! So it will be a bit more on the Arthurian line 🙂 will walk a mile for my Uncle Mike and Aunty Hazel on my next trail day . Xx


  4. As usual thanks for the update. Also, thanks for letting me know that So Far and So Good made it to Burney Falls. Your pictures are great and so are the updates of the hike.


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