Day 71 mile 933

Burney Falls is a hard place to leave . I enjoyed a lesiurely start to the day. Said some farewells to other hikers and double checked my pack before heading on . So far and So good are hitching a little south , and Just Bob and Hippy Gypsy have gone North towards Etna . Im happy to be hitting the trail .Being well rested makes all the difference . 

A lovely start to my afternoon walk. As im walking past the falls ,I see a raptor in the top of a tree feeding its young . 

A little Japanese boy tells me that its an Osprey , so i will go with that . Turns out to be a bald eagle .
I stay and photograph a while untill 30/30 taps me on the shoulder and we talk trail for half an hour . I finaly get out of the park and on the PCT proper after lunchtime . I spend the hours enjoying high golden grass and a well kept path through twisting trees . Summer time is in bloom , and its beautiful. 

I bounce into a couple of hikers on the trail who all sing the praises of a bit of Hiker Magic further on up the road . I look forward to it . I know that soon i will have a 29mile dry stretch where i will have to carry all my water for a day and a half in the Californian sun . 

When i eventually arrive at the cache spot i find one other hiker and a cool box full of beer and soda . There is fresh fruit , liquirice sticks and cheesy balls . We enjoy the moment , talking about beer,physics and the trail . 
A quad bike pulls up to the sun shade with the trail angels aboard and before i know it i have been invited for dinner . Randy and Kathy fill me full of beer , home reared steak and corn , and i am fit to bust by the time we are done . In the blink of an eye Randy has grabbed his harp and Kathy is playing spoons , i give them some songs from the Jukebox. We get on like peaches and cream . 

I hit the hay later, and am blown away , once again ,by the kindness of these everyday American folks . Throwing open their homes and hearts to us PCTers . Its a little bubble of ‘old school’ community , people really looking out for one another , and really always looking for a positive way forward . I could live like this is the real world , come to think on it , i wouldnt want to live in any other way . 

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