Day 72 mile 955

I woke up in Randys ‘man cave’ i certainly felt like a bear had partyed in my head this morning . Im swilling a couple of bottles of water and trying to hydrate before the dry section of my hike . Im aiming to do a 20plus miler today and need to get away early . Randy comes down the drive around seven , offers me a lift into town . I thank him warmly for his most heartfelt hospitality and tell him that i think it was the nicest streak ive ever eaten in my life . Which would not be an exageration . 

Im on the trail and walking down trail towards a fish hachery . I suprise a raptor , and im not sure if it was a bald eagle or not . I stand still as it takes the sky and i feel a little disapointed that i missed getting a shot as it took flight . It was majestic , no less . 

So i skirt the edge of the hatchery lake and am amazed and dazzled to see the other inhabitance residing here . The butterflys are lazily zizzzing about the wild flower walkway and offer me some company as i click ,click ,click . 

Turkey Vulture . 

Woodpecker .

Pelican .

Eagle . 

Ducks . (Because they are cute )

And when i thought my camera maybe ovrrheating , and i appeared to be seriously straining my smile muscles out pops BOTH a juvenial and a parent Owl . 

Then , as im sat down trying to up/down/edit/load all this , a small and friendly Californian robin comes and lands on a stone in the river to see me. I take this photo .

These moments as you can imagine are beyond my self , are when i cant see the woods for the trees , or more specificaly my self amongst the beauty of nature . Im so absorbed , i loose the sense of defined self . Suddenly i am the moment , the subject and the place . 

The celts had a very specific name for this . ‘Fith Fath’ . The celts believed that sublimation with nature was a skill. It offered protection and of course a sense of joy. The celts found this ‘journeying’ occured with greater ease between certain birds such as Owls and Eagles aswell as four legged friends like cats dogs bears and deer. I muse on Ovate studys . I am sure the Owl got beyond my boundarys ,and for a moment ,i gazed through its eyes . Im still getting my head around that hour at the lake . It will stay with me for a long time to come im sure . Seeing a wild owl is an experience that i can only hope to repeat again and again , as their presence and focus is inspiring . 

The parent could see that i was photographing the young egret , and so stayed very close to me to keep an eye out . Wise old owl . 

It is hard to leave such amazing photographic experiences , but the trail is reminding me that i still have almost 15miles to cover before bed time . 

As i walk along Hat creek ridge i am witnessing some of the best panoramic views ive ever come across .

The volcanic ridge im traversing is a thirty meter high cliff , that faces beautiul mountains on one side , whilst on the other is prarie fields of wild summer flowers . Colour is a riot . 

 Bugs and bees hum , knee length grass tinged with red borders the path , and not a single step i take without the company of birds . 

I take small sips of water as i trudge on into late afternoon , the nights have got longer now , and the nicest time to walk is now , between 6pm-sundown . 

I check my GPS . Ive covered 22long hot satisfying miles today . I pop out my tent like the seasoned pro- tent putter upper that i have evolved into . My timing is perfect . I catch a sunset of deep orange and pink against the snow capped mountains in the (fortunate) distance , just as the stars begin to pop out . 

I look back at the wisdom of the owl , the majesty of the eagle and the absurdity of the pelican . 

Today the lesson from the birds is “You don’t always need wings to fly.”

4 thoughts on “Day 72 mile 955

  1. What a day that was!! What fabulous photos, nature will seem very plain when you get home! Dad heard an owl in the tree last night, but we have never managed to see him. Last leg now good luck. I wish I could thank all those wonderful trail angels πŸ˜‡ for feeding,watering, giving you a place to sleep and generally encouraging you. Take care 12 days and you will be home 😊😊😊X


  2. Omg!!!!!!!!! NO WAY DID YOU SEE THAT OWL!!!! you must have photoshopped it in or something….
    You jammy spawny little toad πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›


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