Day 77 mile 1018

 Im Walking out of Chester with Jubin , who also stayed at the church last night .Ive got a full breakfast inside my tummy and im happy to be ‘winding down’. These are the last couple of days on trail for me , so im taking it easy and saying my goodbyes as I go .

 We hitch hike and in less than a minute we get a ride upto the trail . I go sign the trail register and Jubin takes off . There is a light rain on the track and i walk slowly and enjoy the views . The walk up through thick forest brings me up onto some rocky ridges and a little bit of snow . Im coming around a corner and suprise a deer who bolts down the path , only to stop in curiosity to look back at me a little later . The rain is gettinng heavier and i decide that i will have an early night . 

I put up the tent in a sheltered spot and cook a quick meal , eating inside the cramped confines of my little tent . I fall asleep early and wake up only a few times as the wind and the rain blow across the top of the mountain . I look back at all the adventures ive had on this trail , all the things ive seen , places ive been . I find it hard to comprehend that ive done so much in such a short time . Memorys for life of life . 

It seems that memory also has a beauty , creating a window into the mystery of nature . I see the deepest memorys for me have been born of connection . In the presence of wild animals , in the times that the landscape took away my breath , in the eyes of my trail mates who shared the awe . Memory is such a beautiful gift that we share as a people . It can transport us effortlessly to places of such celebration and purpose . Memory is not chasing me , but dancing with me , like the butterflys that dance upon this pathway . I think one of the most special aspects of memory is its magical ability to suprise . It comes always uncalled , and offers bright reflections of who we are and where we found a thread of bliss . 

I know that these moments i have found will stay bright and sharp for many years to come . 

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