Day 78 mile 1033

Im struggling out of my tent this morning, stiff as a board , i have waited for the sun to put in an appearance , i will need to dry my sleeping bag and tent before i push on today . I dont have any targets to hit , so i enjoy my oats for breakfast and watch the steam rising from my wet gear while my morning coffee brews . Things are slowly unfolding . 

The path opens out to fields of small sunflowers . Bursts of yellow and smatterings of purple and red flowers welcome me onto my very own ‘Yellow brick road’ . I sing songs to keep the bears at bay and to warn the rattle snakes before i get near them . I sing Beatles songs to the morning , and feel a lightness returning after last nights soggyness . 

 By lunch time i come across 30-30 who is sat having lunch at the half-way post . Im standing directly in the middle of the PCT . It all seems so official and in a way final . I feel a strange resistance to taking a photo of this milestone . Its not a milestone that I was planning to celebrate . 

The forest is still and calm . I walk through deep mossy groves of trees . The bright green moss growing only on the sunny side of the trees makes contrasting colours . Its a delight to see the subtle ways in which nature fashions her mantle . 

Its a grand day , full of light and colour . Summer is in bloom , and butterflys , dragonflys and ladybirds brave the skys in the mid day heat .

The afternoon arrives , and i find myself stopping in a magical spot on a ridge . A wide open flat space ,where campfire stones stand , welcomes me to just sit . Just sit , and be . 

I have nothing to do , no photos to take , no book to read , no blog to write . I breath deeply and promise myself this moment is really just for being . Birds in the trees sing out , drop from branches , free falling into green growth , rising later to their perchs . Sing out , sing out . White capped mountain sits beyond , this place is adventure , and i feel like a small but important part of it . I make a cup of rubus tea and savour the small things . Wildflowers ,clinging to rocks , rocks that seem older than time , time that seems to hang heavy , pregnant with potential . 

As the long day falls away from me . As i breathe cooler air , and the birds settle to a murmer , i decide to make my dinner . I cook salami and mashed potatoes again . There are some things that i wont miss when i leave the trail , the chemical content of my meals has been in the red for quite some time . 

I finish cooking , and whilst its standing i feel the urge to go back to the ridge .. and there she is . Her deep red coat is back lit by the setting sun . She gazes peacfully into my eyes and those two dark globes search out my intent . I feel as vulnerable as a child in her presence . Slowly , gracefully , one step at a time , she makes her way around the stones at the edge . I am drawn behind her like an echo of the earth . She comes to my camp , curious , inquisitive , searching .. Searching for a free feed !!! Buggar orff Bambi ! I have to shoe her away , my mash potatoes may be full of enough sodium to light matches with , but im still not keen on sharing them with this cheeky begger ! 

I cant sleep , i lie awake gazing at the stars and moon . Ive left off the tent cover , i want to breath in this pure place and waken inside its rythm . 

Im reading my Kindle , a book called ‘Divne Beauty’ by John Donohue , and i roll over to see a rabbit a meter from the tent . Completely unaware of me . The mosquito netting is acting as a ‘hide’ . I love this feeling of anonymity in my relationship with nature , being free to observe in peace . I know inside that nature has resiprocated . Ive taken my time , become more present and this has brought me closer to just being .  

I awake and the moon is illuminating me . I am awake . Immediacy is here . I release all resistance and dont try to get back to sleep. I simply am . Bathing in the moons mystery . 
Tommorow is my last full day on the trail . 

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