Epilogue .

The walking is long since done. Im home now . The camera was found by trail angels and sent back to the UK by post . Before returning to the British Isles I spent a few quiet days in the Sequoia National park visiting the Largest living things on earth , the mighty sequoia trees of California . 


To be honest , i was tired and wanted nothing more than to be reunited with my loves ones . It was a long long hard journey . So gratifying and satisfying that even now its hard to put into words what this journey has meant for me . 

The three days amongst the Sequoias allowed me time to reflect and heal . My body , mind and soul(s) have been stretched beyond anything i could ever have imagined . The physical challenges equalled consistantly with the rewards of the senses that were filled continualy by nature . 

On my first day in the park , i saw two bear cubs and their mother playing together , and on my last i was blessed to meet a mother deer and her two new born babys . Photographs and words can not express these treasures that I now carry in my heart and memory . Loosing my camera helped me realise that sometimes just being in the monent is the ideal way to record it .

I made a mandala , a medicene wheel , a transitory gift out in the forest . On behalf of all of us . To offer humble thanks for all that we have shared through this journey .

medicene wheel
earth egg

The rain and the wind will take this act of creation . Time will take it back to the Earth and make it the mulch of tommorow .Maybe something will grow from it , after all , it is one of natures laws. 

I was fortunate to return to a loving home , and a warm and kind village , where I shared my adventures as a fund raising talk . I told my neighbours , friends and family all about this wonderful experience and I felt the glow of excitment that the re-telling created . We raised 190pounds for a local disabled group to take horse rides . I felt very honoured to be a part of that . 

Now im almost fully ‘integrated’ back in the swing of things , you might say , but somedays their isnan edge that remains . A hardness in my self that has grown from doing this walk . A confidence that we all walk a journey , a joy in hearing about others pathways , and a genuine desire to have further adventures on the highways of life . 

Thanks for following and supporting me . 

Much love . 

Ian x

4 thoughts on “Epilogue .

  1. Loved reading your epilogue. Glad you have made it home – we will love welcoming home our red riding hood home whenever that may be!


  2. What a fantastic experience, thanks for sharing your thoughts and journey with us. Glad you got your camera back those trail angels are real Angels. We were at the Sequoia National Park a couple of years ago those trees are amazing. Uncle Sam does nature and scenery in a big way. Well done on the fund raising and best wishes with your next venture. Hazel and Mike xxx

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  3. Thanks for the beautiful account of your journey and letting me travel with you for a bit. Seeing my son’s travels along side yours was special for me. Glad you are safely home and that your camera found you. I have taken my walk in the woods, we spent 4 days in the forest in Oregon ,peaceful and refreshing.


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